Now, Later

Right now is the “before” you’ve been talking about. You know: “Before I can do this, I must do that?” Next thing you know, it’s after, and you missed the chance because you were busy with something, and then…

…the leaf fell from the tree, and the summer was over.




Clothing, choices

You bought the red shirt. You wore the red shirt. You washed it, you ironed it, you wore it again. You don’t really like the red shirt.

This cycle will keep going unless you stop it. Why not give the red shirt away and buy the turquoise one that you really want? Because you keep saying, “I have enough shirts already.” And so you drag the red one out of the closet again to wear it.

Get rid of the red shirt. Buy the turquoise shirt. Wear it and smile.

"You Are Never Lonely If You Have a Good Book" acrylics, 2011

“You Are Never Lonely If You Have a Good Book”
acrylics, 2011

Purpose, meaning

You never know when you’ll be in the right place at the right time. It does matter what you do and how you live, both for yourself and for others.

Secrets, fear

You may think your secrets are particular to you alone, but most likely plenty of other people have the same secret. Don’t assume no one will understand, if you want to tell. You may be surprised who will come forward to listen.

Relationships, trouble

Maybe you can’t entirely get rid of the troublemakers in your life, but you can stop listening to them.

Expression, consideration

Is expressing your opinion so important that it’s worth hurting someone’s feelings?

Trees, the future

Isn’t nice that someone planted that tree so long ago, because you really enjoy its shade now, don’t you? Say thank you to that unknown person. And while you’re at it, do you think you could maybe plant a tree for someone else to enjoy some day? Think about it.

man walking along a path under some trees mixed media, 2013

man walking along a path under some trees
mixed media, 2013

Encouragement, example

If you are wondering if you can keep going, check the ground at your feet. Take a look at that caterpillar moving across the sidewalk, full of purpose, oblivious to the danger he’s in from human pedestrians, predators who may spot him in this exposed situation, or how much ground he has to cover with his tiny little legs just to get anywhere. The sight may encourage you.

Warning, locomotion

If you are a cyclist, look out for chipmunks running on to the bicycle path, because they don’t look.

If you are a chipmunk, look before running out on to the bicycle path. You won’t, but it has to be said.

If you are a cyclist, shouting at the chipmunk to move will not work. Ringing your bicycle bell will.

It’s a timely topic because June seems to be chipmunk season. But that’s enough for today about chipmunks. You could also try these tips on human pedestrians and see if they work, if chipmunks aren’t available.

Home, contentment

Breathe a sigh of relief. Take off your shoes. Sit down. Your troubles are outside the door.

If there is any place where you can feel this way, you have found a home.

at home now.

at home now.


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