Whisked Away

This is a short little story.

This morning I was on the Green Ribbon Trail near the railroad overpass and I set a stick lady on a bench. Then – I went on my way.

When I came back by the spot, thirty minutes later – she was gone.

empty bench small 8-26-15

My goodness, that was quick!


No small

No Parking and I Mean It

I was running along the Green Ribbon Trail a few days ago and happened to notice this – admonishment – from within the greenery.

No parking sign in place 8-13-15 small

In case it is hard to see, well, here’s a close up…

No parking sign #2 8-13-15 small

Keep in mind that this sign is in the trees along the creek, beside a trail that does not allow motor vehicles.

Green Ribbon trail 8-13-15 small

I was confounded until the solution hit me – the sign had been brought to this place with the floodwaters that often sweep over this area from the nearby creek. The trail is located in the floodplain! This poor sign has probably been on the move for a while (look at its condition) and is currently tangled up here. Wonder how long it will stay?

I found the whole thing pretty funny and I just had to pass it on – before it’s not there anymore!

It’s a Cow Kind of Day

I walking in Lorimer Park this morning. One of the trails runs along the boundary fence of the Fox Chase Farm, a teaching farm. Now remember, in this park we are in the middle of a highly-populated area – suburbs on the one side and densely-packed city on the other. This farm is an oasis of calm in the middle of it all.

Today the cows were in the fields near the trail. I stopped to lean on the fence and watch them. I am not sure why I find cows and their doings so fascinating, but I do – I’ve stopped along this same area often to take a look at this herd of cows.

Today the cows were on the move, going along at a pretty good pace from one grazing area to another. One eager achiever cow led the way…

cows 1 Lorimer 8-21-15 small

…most of them stayed together in a group, and one straggled behind.

cows 3 Lorimer 8-21-15 small

In fact this last cow went in the opposite direction to the water or the salt lick, I couldn’t quite see it, before heading back to join the others.

Lone cow Lorimer 8-21-15 small

A whole society in action. Maybe that is why I find this group so interesting to observe.

And here is a photo of the fields in different section. I’ve taken shots from this location before, but I never get tired of the view.

Lorimer 8-21-15 #1 small

In Which I Connect With My Inner Silhouette

A few days ago I was about to start on a run/walk along the Green Ribbon Trail. As always, I stopped in at the bathroom by the parking lot. Just in case, right? This little building proclaims its identity from afar, that’s for sure. Those figure signs are visible from quite a distance.

Bathroom Flourtown 8-15 small

I’d never noticed how many signs there are on the ladies’ room door, but once again, you can’t make a mistake about what this door leads to, can you?

Ladies room sign 8-15 small

But the reason I’m even mentioning all of this is, I took a close look at the woman figure on the sign to the left. A very stylish lady, I thought, and so much more interesting than those blocky stolid ones that are the standard.

As I walked back across the lot toward the trail’s start, my attention was caught by the image of my shadow on the asphalt. I do love shadows and having just examined that lady silhouette, I was struck by how my shadow seemed to have some kinship with her. Even the color scheme is similar, though reversed. So I took my own picture a few times – I especially like the way my hat looks!

Gallery Along the Curb

I am always fascinated by random groupings. If I am sitting on the train, for instance, I enjoy seeing what assortment of people have been gathered by the need or desire to be on the 11:15, for instance.

I was out for a walk a few days ago and I was looking along the curb. We had a strong rain a day or so earlier and the debris along the edge was set in such nice neat groupings that I had to take a closer look.

They are like little still lifes, aren’t they?

Underfoot and Overhead

A few days ago I was moving along the sidewalk and my foot crunched a ripe red fruit. I looked up and realized I was under the branches of an ornamental cherry tree just loaded with cherries. It was just beautiful to see.

People don’t usually eat the fruit from these ornamental trees but the birds and other creatures get a real feast. I love this time of year when all the hot days of summer sunshine show their results like this!

The tree was in front of the Wissahickon School District Administration Building in Ambler, PA, if you want to go by and take a look!




Three Good-Byes

Some things are ending. Here are three endings in my life.

First, summer is starting to move out – this sign at the park is one of those early indications of shorter days. It’s just been changed from 8:45 to 8:30 PM – the first revision to an earlier time since the spring. I noticed this sign last week and now I’ll be paying attention to it again as the daylight changes.

Park closing sign 8-15 small

My three eye surgeries have resulted in changed eyesight. I am very grateful to have good vision again – I got my new glasses to fit my new eyes last week. Here is a picture of my old pair of glasses – the last pair I will ever have for the near-sighted me. I have been surprised how much the changes in my vision have affected me – I’ve mourned the loss of my old view of the world as I learn how to work with my “new” eyes. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that – I lived 50+ years seeing the world in a certain way and so a transition time is needed. I am very happy with the results of all my surgeries, though, and eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way.

old glasses 8-15 small

Last, I had to say good-bye to our cat, Raquel, last week. She died very peacefully on August 7. She was 14 1/2 years old, very frail, and also I think the death of her brother, Jasper, in June was a blow to her. She was a very serious, reserved cat who liked to keep an eye on me wherever I was in the house. I am missing the nudges of her little pink nose as I work at my desk here today. This picture is of her as she looked in her prime.

Raquel 3-22 #1 small

Everything moves along, doesn’t it, and yet many times we never expect things to change. Yet equilibrium is restored with time. I have lots of good memories and look forward to making more in new seasons.

loud voice.

Loud voice

loud voice.

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