Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Five years ago I made a work for an exhibit in a local gallery – the theme was “Seven”. I made this grouping of figures and called it “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. It won an honorable mention and I was very happy about it.

“Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”, 2010

One thing that I think was interesting about this piece was that the inspiration came to me straight from a messy closet. Yes, truly. I was working on a project for an art center and one job was to reorganize the kids’ art closet. Lot of stuff in that space, I’ll tell you, including these worn out brushes. The center director said I could have them, so I took a handful. I couldn’t stop thinking of them as little women with stick-up hairdos, so I made that happen!

I kept the group at home for the past five years but lately I’ve been clearing out things and decided to let the ladies go. I thought of my ongoing drop-offs at Lorimer Park and so – yesterday my husband and I took them there.

I cannot walk far right now due to my broken foot, so I set them in two train control boxes pretty near the parking lot. They looked good there and I hope they find nice homes.

I still have a group of three smaller ladies at home. I don’t plan to break them up.

“Trio”, 2010

Very Blue

At the end of the Pennypack rail trail there is a small park in Rockledge, PA. Alongside this little park is a warehouse serving a variety of businesses. I’ve taken some time to look it over since it’s right by the trail and it’s very blue.

There is something about this paint job I really like. There’s the color, for one thing. That chalky blue!

Then there is the painting style. A quick job meant to cover but not worried about details or small accidents (such as the splash of paint on the doorstep). Notice that even the door handle has been covered in blue paint.

And finally, the color and how it unifies the multiple materials this building is made of is a treat. Altogether I totally approve of the impression this building makes. I do.

Electricity Lesson

I have become interested in electric wire poles. I don’t know why. I spent some time examining these at the rail trail in Lorimer Park. Electrical lines often follow train lines around here – it’s a good way to use the right-of-way and cross the countryside, in the past even more than now, when there weren’t so many roads to place them along. This trail is a former train line and two sets of poles running along it – the modern very tall ones, and the disused shorter ones. Wires are strung only between the new ones – the old ones are just standing in a line as they have for decades but are now not connected to each other.

The old ones are covered by vines in the summer and it’s hard to see their shapes then. I had no idea there was a birdhouse nailed to this pole under all those vines, until this year.

Birdhouse on old pole covered in vines 4-15-15 Lorimer small

Some of the old poles still have their resistors in place.

Old style resistors Lorimer 4-15-15 small

Here is the modern version.

Resistors - power line modern Lorimer 4-15-15 small

I am intrigued by the fact that each working pole has an ID number and gets a little plate to wear, stating it. I have also noticed some poles have extra badges. I am thinking these must relate to passing an inspection or that kind of thing. Some poles have earned quite a collection of them. I can’t help thinking they must be proud of themselves?

Work Truck Accessories

I love looking at work trucks. I love all the tools and objects and I love how each truck has an arrangement that suits the workers who use the truck and tools.

Today I saw this array of clamps attached to the metal framework of a truck full of tools and going somewhere to use them.

What about that one off to the side? Unsociable? And then there is the one leaning to the side. Non-conformist, I think.

Clamps on a work truck small

Books and Benches and Robins Singing

I visited Mondauk Park in Upper Dublin Township a couple of days ago. I wanted to walk around the track there. I’m moving more slowly right now since I have a stress fracture in my left foot. The good thing about it is that I have plenty of time to see the sights as I go along.

I wanted to visit the Little Free Library there and drop off some books while I was there.

The view from the library has changed a bit since I left a sunshine here in March.

I stopped at the bench where I had left a sunshine in January.

As I stood there, I heard a clear bright song from above my head. I looked up and saw the singer – this robin. What a wonderful moment. I stood and listened for a while and then went on my way.

Robin in branches Mondauk Park 4-22-15 small

Green Plants

I don’t know what these green plants are called and I don’t care. I do know that I see them every spring and each time I am struck by the vitality and life they have. Maybe it’s because they are so very green and fresh when so much else is still brown. Maybe it’s the way they unfurl their leaves – a slow motion explosion that ends with an exuberant green display, leaves flung out. Maybe it’s the way they are set in the dark blue-black waters in the flood plain.

I don’t know. But I do like these green plants and their enthusiasm for spring!

Athletic Fields and Sunshine Revisited

During the Sunshine Project, I left two sunshines at the high school athletic fields located across the street from my house. Now the lacrosse and softball seasons are in full swing and so I took a few pictures of a couple of games I attended. Things look a lot different now, don’t they?

I visited the softball field on Day 80. I set the sunshine on the home team’s bench, on the right-hand side of the picture.

From center field.

From center field.

Here is the field as it looks now with a game in progress.

I set a sunshine on the bleachers by the lacrosse field on Day 17.

Sunshine in place on the bleachers.

Sunshine in place on the bleachers.

Here is a view of a recent lacrosse game – the bleachers are in the back, behind the visiting team in blue.

As I said, things look a lot different now, don’t they? Would you ever think winter had been here at all?

Nature Walk

I’m so excited that our world is greening up. I just have to say it! Look at the woods here. And what about the beautiful color of the water in the Pennypack creek? Right now I’m taking advantage of the early-season view of things – in summer it will be blocked by the masses of leaves.

Along the creek Lorimer 4-15-15 small

As I walked along the rail trail, I noticed a clump of daffodils down near the creek. I always wonder at how this isolated group arrived at this spot. It’s not as if a house or building were ever here for someone to plant them. Maybe an animal dropped a bulb or two here at some time in the past. Obviously it has worked out well – it’s a nice thick crowd of blooms for me to enjoy.

Same thought for these little white flowers. Who are they and where did they come from?

White flowers Lorimer 4-15-15 small

The ditches alongside the trail are full of rippling water and I like the look of these tiny green plants standing in it. And yet the dead leaves from last season still have a presence here, don’t they?

Plants in ditch Lorimer 4-15-15 small

This man was fishing in the Pennypack creek. He looked very settled in his red chair, but as I watched, he stood up and paid more attention to his line. Maybe he felt a tug on it?


As I’ve walked in Lorimer Park recently I’ve been noticing this scene. The players have all been in place for several days and are set up front and center at the work barn right by the trail.

I just feel that we’re all waiting for the tractor to step up and do a clean-and-jerk with the log.

Otherwise I don’t know why the log is sitting on those poor sawhorses like that. I am sure they are getting pretty tired, holding up all that weight.

Something is going on here but I feel it’s just out of my grasp to comprehend what, exactly.

Log weight-lifting?

Log weight-lifting?

By Whom? And Why?

I don’t know. I just liked the look of this mud-encrusted root system, dried up, and with these holes bored into it. Just fascinating.

And what will happen when it rains?

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