But even so, I

But even so, I

But even so, I


Do you think

Do you think

Do you think

Put Yourself in His Place

A few days ago I took a picture of a caterpillar working his way along – he happened to be following a white stripe in a parking lot. Very determined, he was, moving steadily along. He was a long way from the grass and trees he was aiming for, or I think he was aiming for; but he didn’t seem to be worried. He just kept going.

Caterpillar on his way.

Caterpillar on his way.

Today I was at the same parking lot and taking pictures for another purpose. When I looked at this one, it occurred to me that it could be a caterpillar-eye view of the place.

His view?

His view?

Seeing things this way, you have to admire his perseverance and determination, don’t you?

But seeing

But seeing

But seeing

couldn’t believe

couldn't believe

couldn’t believe

But is it all

I make Artist Trading Cards for various purposes. They are small (2.5″ x 3.5″) and just right for a small message. If you follow my poetry blog, you’ve seen them as snippets. And if you follow my art blog, you’ve seen them as all kinds of small artworks.

And of course I have made many of them and traded them with other artists, so I also have a nice collection of cards from all over the world.

Anyway, I have built up a collection of ATCs with somewhat cryptic sayings pasted on them. I enjoy these. Making the art is of course a pleasure and adding the words always gives me something to think about, especially since I choose the phrases at random.

There can be a lot of meaning in random associations. I feel that might be a major point in my life philosophy. So I’ve decided to post some of these ATCs and see if they do anything for anyone else.

Take a moment to read and think about what it says and portrays and maybe there is a kernel of something interesting in it for you? Or maybe not, but, well, it’s only a glance, and I will tell you in advance that I appreciate your devoting it to my work!

But is it all

But is it all

Weeds, You May Say

Two plants I’m interested in that are classified as weeds appear here. I took their photos at Lorimer Park in the last couple of days. I’ve been taking short walks there to enjoy the weather as much as I can. I am moving very slowly due to my broken foot, so I see a lot more as I go along.

OK, I’ll start with these “green plants”. I don’t know their name or anything at all about them. Here’s a picture of them maybe a month or so ago. Remember them?

And here is a very healthy specimen I photographed today. My goodness, look at the size of it. Those stems alone are impressive.

I admit to thinking this plant looks good enough to eat, but I am sure I should not be doing so. But there is something about its vitality I really like.

Now, on to a plant I do know, and one that is also edible, though I don’t plan to take a bite right now. Dandelions.

I love their sunny yellow blooms and I love their fluffy seed heads, and I especially love the fact that the same flower can do both of these looks. It just seems magical to me.

I know so many people want to get rid of them. Lawn care companies must love the dandelion for this reason. I remember helping to dig them out of our lawn as a child and thinking that it was of no use – the dandelion obviously was very good at survival. And besides, I liked them.

Almost Unchanging

Here I complete my examination of this intersection near my house (see “Practicalities” and “Forgotten and Probably Happy About It?”.)

Montgomery's auto repair #1 5-9-15 small

This auto repair shop occupies a triangle of land at the intersection and has been there as a gas station or garage since the 1950’s, I’d say. The light pole mentioned in the earlier post is set off the to left in the pictures, out of sight. The car lot/garage with the orange drain pipe is across the street.

I like the whole look of the place. It’s utilitarian and with no pretensions. It’s been doing its work in this spot as things changed around it. For instance, it used to be across the street from a factory. Now, that plot is the site of a fitness center and two office-buildings in process – the factory was torn down to make room.

This intersection is not picturesque or even notable, but to me, it’s very interesting. The passage of time is made tangible. Relics of the past still in use. Remnants and additions.

I think the garage has looked pretty much the same since I’ve lived in the neighborhood, more than 20 years. Here’s to knowing who you are and minding your own business!

Forgotten and Probably Happy About It?

This post continues my exploration of a very ordinary intersection near me – I described one view of it in the previous post.

As I said, I go by this location very often. There is a lot to see. Here is something I hadn’t noticed until about a week ago and now I don’t know how I missed it. It’s a very sleek-looking light fixture meant to cover the fenced-in area of a long-time car repair garage. As you can see, the fence guards a lot of something but what, I don’t know – it’s pretty well covered with vines. I think there is at least one car in there and maybe a couple of tow trucks.

And I am sure the light doesn’t work anymore, either.

Well, who cares? I really like the look of it and though it’s taken me a long time to see it, I pay attention and say hello every time I drive through the intersection now.


I pass the intersection where this car dealer/garage is located very often, sometimes several times a day. So when they added this upgrade to their back lot I noticed.

In order to solve a water runoff problem from the parking deck above, the drainpipe was needed. But, it looks like they wanted to get the water all the way out to the street, not just dump it in the lower lot. Good idea. But that long span of pipe was – awkward – for the busy operations underneath.

Long drain pipe  #1 5-9-15 small

Well, it had to stay. So, the orange paint came out and at least it is very visible. I like the way they solved that whole problem. Simple, easy, and efficient, not to mention entertaining. I’ve seen people working around it and so far no one has walked into it that I’ve witnessed…

Long drain pipe  #2 5-9-15 small

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