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I’m not sure if I have shown this scene before. If I have, well, my memory is not so good, and I do have to say this location is a place I am quite fond of, so looking at it twice is not too many times, is it?

It’s the display window of a local pest-control business. It’s looked this way as long as I can remember, 24+ years. I still stop in front of it to take a look when I pass by. A museum in two small spaces. Plenty of bugs. I especially like the chewed-up items along the bottom of the case – bugs sure can do a lot of damage to the oddest things.

And if you want to identify a bug, drag him in here and get things straightened out.

I took these photos this past weekend at the art festival I participated in – two miles from home, Glenside, PA.

Sunk Back into Mystery

At Welsh Road, on the Pennypack Trail:

The building opened a portal into its identity last week. We glimpsed the tantalizing possibilities through it.
Repairs Building at Welsh Road 3-24-16 #5 small

The portal has closed and the building has returned to its usual enigmatical state of existence. No change, except, of course, the neatly laid new concrete blocks. You see the seam where new meets old.

factory 1 3-16 small

We can still imagine the interior, if we want to, and there are clues, if we look at the windows closely, but – really, we have no idea how to figure out what it all means. Yet.

I will keep watching. Waiting. The day will come. The window is cracked open, just a bit, and that encourages me to think…

factory 2 3-16 small

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