Saying Good-bye, Slowly

We have a beautiful November day today, sunny, blue sky, breezy, and chilly. I have noticed that the leaves remaining on the trees and bushes are getting lonelier and lonelier each day as their less-stubborn neighbors let go and fly off. It seems so often that the last hangers-on are at the ends of the branches. I have wondered why.

On this bush next to my driveway I see an example – these two yellow leaves are about all that’s left, way out at the very tip of the branch. I took out my camera and snapped some shots, not looking at the screen but just sort of aiming in it the direction of the leaves and sky.

The portrait of the leaves is blurred – the wind kept them in motion, but they still stayed firmly attached.  Still, what beautiful colors, the blue and yellow! The bare branches make such a complicated pattern against the sky, one you don’t imagine exists when you see this bush in the summer just crammed full of leaves.

I’ll keep an eye on these two hold-outs and see how long they stay here with me. My guess is, not much longer, but I am glad I did have a moment today with them.


Here are a couple of little figurines set in place in my daily round.

This one is at the bird stand in the Fort Washington State Park.

And this little creature is set on the bridge at the lower parking lot at Arcadia University, about 10 days ago.

Figurine Arcadia 11-15 on bridge small

I have finished up my backlog of puffy little figurines (some friends of mine call them ravioli people) and small lady figurines. There have been dozens if not maybe a couple of hundred of them scattered around by me on my travels. Now it’s time for me to come up with some other little clay figure-types to take their place in the art-drop-off mission I’m on. I’m interviewing the ideas in my head to see what I’d like to be making this winter. I haven’t done much clay this year due to my eye surgeries and recoveries, so I’m starting a new chapter in a lot of ways.

Anyway, there will be more clay figures out there in the world – pretty soon. Until then I’ll fall back on some other items I have around…

Me and Some Sunglasses

You know how, if someone loses a hat or glove or that kind of thing, people will pick it up and set it where it can be seen, in case the owner figures out where it went missing and returns to retrieve it?

I saw this little story play out today. I was running along the Pennypack Trail and right before the traffic light at Welsh Road, I saw this pair of sunglasses lying on a rock. It was obvious they’d been picked up and set there so that they could be noticed.

sunglasses small 11-11-15

They belong to a little girl somewhere, I feel. Maybe she will come back and find them.

I notice I’ve made my mark on their existence – I’m reflected in the lenses, taking this picture.

There is just something about this situation that got my attention – I hope the sunglasses find their way home. Or, maybe to a new home? They are quite appealing.

Magic Morning

I drove my husband to the train this morning, before seven o’clock. He had an early meeting.

The morning was mild, gray foggy, with a slight rain falling, and the sun was just coming up. As I came into the parking lot I noticed people looking at the sky and taking pictures. Here is what we saw – this breathtaking perfect rainbow all across the sky. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

People were smiling and looking to the sky. Everyone felt a bit of awe to see such a sight in our ordinary routine.

Along the Pennypack Trail Last Weekend and This Weekend

These figurines were set down in locations along the trail in the last two weekends. First group was last Sunday, October 25.

And this one I did today. These bikes are for rent and I see people riding them all the time, although today, they were still in the stable. Well, there is plenty of time for a ride, still.

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