Cones, Simply

Yesterday my husband and I stopped by this parking lot to check on the Power Line trail – we wanted to see if the snow had melted and the way was clear for us to run on it again. (In case you are interested, yes, it was.)

This parking lot in Horsham is at the mid-point of the trail and serves the trail and adjacent ball fields, none of which are in use right now, of course. So, the lot is handling some other jobs – for one thing, the township piled a lot of snow there from the roads – there are some nice snow-mountains along the side. And, it’s a great place for these trucks to assemble when they are off-duty.

They are tree-trimming trucks and they belong to a company whose work consists of trimming trees for the electric company and municipalities. You see them everywhere in the winter.

Trucks 2-6-16 #1 small

And a closer look.

Trucks 2-6-16 #3 small

You know what caught my eye? The arrangement they each have on their front bumpers for carrying traffic cones. Yes, I was so intrigued by the ingenious way they were packed on to the truck. There are two methods. One is horizontal – the cones are set on a rod that is secured with a cotter pin.

The other is vertical – they are stacked in a bracket attacked to the bumper.

Think about it. Every road project, every construction site, any tree work – all of them need traffic cones to protect the site and the workers. You know this. You’ve seen it. And you’ve never thought about where the cones keep themselves when they are off duty, have you? Well, now you know.

I found it just fascinating to see these huge trucks all with their neatly stacked cones, all ready for Monday morning. I love the simple elegance of this solution. No one will ever be shouting, “Where are the #@&!* cones!” on any site where these trucks are at work.

Trucks 2-6-16 #2 small

I walked fast,


I walked fast

I walked fast,


Snowed Last Night. Just a Little.

Snow scene 2-16 small

A block from our house.

451 2-16 in the snow small

The snow is wet and sticks to every surface, every leaf, every branch. These bushes are in front of our house.

Bush small 2-16

Another bush in our yard.

acorns under snow 2-16 small

This pot is the home of the second group of acorns we are trying to hatch. You may remember the saga from earlier posts.

go off somewhere else

go off somewhere else

go off somewhere else

paying the bills

paying the bills

paying the bills

A Lot of Trees in the Snow

This morning my husband and I took a walk on the Pennypack Trail in Lorimer Park. Now, they don’t plow the trail, so you can’t walk on it after it snows, until the snow melts. Or, you need to be willing to strap on your Yak-Trax and to pick your way along. We really wanted to get outside. So we chose the latter idea.

In the summer, you can’t see into the woods from the trail – it’s a green curtain. Not today. Each tree is clear and distinct. I love this view.

Lorimer 1-31-16 #3 small

Here are a couple of more snapshots. Nothing spectacular. I was just happy to be able to get outside after a week or so restricted by the snow – and to see one of my favorite places again!


took secret pleasure in

took secret pleasure in

took secret pleasure in

a witness.

a witness.

a witness.

Passage of Time, In Person

If you look around, you can find markers of the passage of time everywhere – statues of famous people now dead, every kind of old building, the little kid who grew up next door and is now married. How about this one? I saw it today at the Glenside Library, Glenside, PA.

This wall runs along the library’s driveway up to the upper parking lot and holds back a section of earth behind it.

The library was built in 1968. So this wall has spent about 50 years in position, dealing with annual freeze-thaw cycles. It’s hanging on, but not without a cost. The wall has some splits – and not just in the joints, but right through the bricks. What do you think of that?

I’m inclined to admire this wall. It’s not giving in. But…

I’m admiring Mother Nature, too. She is patient and can wait.

Cracked brick wall GL library 1-16 small

in my imagination


in my imagination

in my imagination


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