Just Such a Beautiful Day

This morning I took a walk in Lorimer Park. I left the rail trail and went along the interior roads. I have not walked here for months – these routes are rough and hilly. Between my eyesight problems and my broken foot, the area has been off-limits.

Today is my first day back, then. What a glorious day – clear blue skies, sunny, breezy, cool and pleasant. Absolutely perfect. I walked along the fence separating the park and Fox Chase Farm. I left a figurine at the top of the hill. That’s all I need to say. The pictures do a better job of showing what a happy experience this was for me today.

New Poetry Book!

You may remember that I did a Poetry Marathon in the winter and decided to put the results into book form. I liked the process so much that I did it again in April, and here is the book of work that emerged from that project.

I liked the experience so much that I plan to do it again in July and in October. Then I’ll have four seasons of one year in my life. Somehow that seems important to me at this stage of things!

If you are interested in reading, the book is available on Amazon or I can send it to you for $12, including postage (email me at claudiamcgillart@gmail.com).

If you want to know more about the Poetry Marathon process, you can take a look at my poetry blog and search under the term “Poetry Marathon”.

Spring Cleaning Book cover photo with border for blog 2015

And here is the previous book in the Marathon adventure:

Look Winter in the Face book cover with border small


Today I walked along the newer section of the Pennypack Trail. As a reminder, this trail runs along the route of a former rail line. This section has just been opened this spring. But I haven’t made many trips on it, due to my broken foot and my eye surgeries. Today is the first time I’ve been here since mid-April.

I’ll tell you one thing that interested me, besides the fact that the surrounding woods are so green and full when I last saw them just starting to bloom! I had left several painted-brick ladies along the trail back in April – they were figures I had done in the winter and kept on my porch. Here is the post from December and here is the one from April, so that you can read the entire history if you like.

I set one in front of the Bryn Athyn post office (housed in a former rail station).

Sitting on a bench...

Sitting on a bench…

She is still there, I learned today. She’s moved to the other end of the bench, but she is still guarding the trail. Waiting for me, maybe?

I had convinced myself

I had convinced myself

I had convinced myself

Little Sights Along the Way

I really like walking and I really like looking around while I am walking. Enough said?

I’ll add that I saw these sights in the last two or three weeks. Nothing too exotic here – in fact, very ordinary sights, but also very interesting ones, I thought. It gives me a sense of peace to walk along slowly among them.

These plants are weeds along the trail in Lorimer Park. They eventually grow several feet tall with a spike of yellow flowers. Their leaves are soft and furry.

The plants are ferns, not the lacy frilly kind, but something more solid, with rounded edges to the serrations on their leaves.

Wild raspberries grow all along the trail. It’s a common sight to see people picking them.

Wild raspberries Lorimer 6-19-15 small

A cracked-open robin’s egg lying on the trail means there is a new robin somewhere around!

Robin's egg 6-21-15 small

On Her Way

Yesterday I set a figurine on this bench in Lorimer Park, along the Pennypack Trail. You may remember that I often leave figures of this type in various places. I put a note inside telling anyone who happens to pick her up and examine her to feel free to take her along.

I was back in the park this morning and passed the bench. The figurine has already gone on her way.

“I didn’t see any

“I didn’t see any




Have you been

Have you been

Have you been

I had convinced myself

I had convinced myself

I had convinced myself

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