Sunshine Project – Day 1 – Lorimer Park, Abington, PA

Today is the first day of the Sunshine Project. I thought a long time about where to place the first one. In the end I chose a place that’s familiar to me – I go there several times a week. I am talking about the rail trail at Lorimer Park.

I’ve found a refuge in this place over the past months. It’s been a peaceful and safe place for me to walk or run as I have returned to health. I’ve watched the seasons change and found a place among the regular trail-users.

There is a little cleft in the rocks near the beginning of the trail. Us locals call it “the grotto”. People leave things there and other people stop and look. I have left a lot of women figurines there (one like these little women is there right now) and so I thought this spot was a good place to start the project.

I set the sunshine on a rock at the front of the grotto. It will be easy for someone to see it and pick it up, I think. I hope.

The day was cold, just above freezing, but beautifully sunny. Along the way I met Michael, a trail friend (you know how you meet people in a certain setting and you become nodding acquaintances, then speak a bit, and then you are friends?) and we walked along for a bit, chatting about holiday plans, lasagna, and tornadoes…

When I finished my walk I gave directions to a nearby church to some lost souls (couldn’t resist saying that), and then I met up with my husband, who had been running today while I walked.

A peaceful start. Something I have come to rely on this park for, this sense of peace and community.

Happy Sunshine!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

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