Sunshine Project – Day 2 – Post Office, Wyncote, PA

Today I chose the Wyncote, PA, post office for a sunshine drop-off.

Post Office, Wyncote, PA, USA

Post Office, Wyncote, PA, USA

This post office is the one I use the most – it is only about a mile from my house. I have gone here for more than 20 years.

I love the mail. I love the idea that I can send my thoughts, ideas, birthday presents, good wishes, care packages, whatever, anywhere in the world, and not for much money, either, when you think of all that moving the mail from one place to another entails. I love the idea that the item I actually constructed goes to the person at the other end, and I marvel at the journey. And the thought of so many messages flowing all over the world – the actual physical messages as opposed to waves or electrons or whatever – a river of communication that can be seen – that’s a real picture to me.

Before I get carried away, I will say that I clearly remember a time before email – when long distance phone calls were very expensive and so letters and cards were the backbone of keeping in touch. I believe firmly there is nothing like opening a real-world mailbox and seeing letters addressed to you in handwriting you know. Or the thrill of an envelope with the return address you’ve been hoping for – and you tear it open with shaking hands. Wedding invitations with their thick smooth envelopes and love-themed stamps. Postcards from your cousin at camp. Bills. Notices from your dentist about your next visit. Thank-you notes. Party invitations.

Anyway, every time you get some mail, you know there is someone who wants to communicate with you. Even junk mail and bills prove you are on someone’s list, that you exist and have your place in the world.

I love the mail.

Wyncote PO front lobby

So today I went into our little post office. I had a package to send to Minnesota and a letter to Finland. I also bought some stamps when I realized they had new Batman-themed first-class stamps. I can’t wait to mail something and put a Batman stamp on it!

Sunshine on the work table!

Sunshine on the work table!

I set the sunshine on the work table in the outer lobby.

Sunshine close up.

Sunshine close up.

And here is today’s sunshine. Happy thoughts through the mail, the US mail, I mean. What do you think about getting out a card and writing a note to someone?


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