Sunshine Project – Day 5, Park Bench, Rockledge, PA

I thought for a while about the place for today’s sunshine. Because it is Christmas, I wanted to commemorate the day. Yet I’m not a churchgoer. My view of the world tends to be pretty earthbound, one very focused on the everyday life I am trying to live in the best way I can. So I was not sure what to do.

Sunshine, December 25, 2014.

Sunshine, December 25, 2014.

Then I thought of a scene that has touched me very much over the past week or so.

I run or walk along the Pennypack Trail almost every day, weather permitting. At one end of the trail lies a small park, Rockledge Park. It’s a modest little site set among houses and small businesses. It has a gazebo, trees, grass, and a few benches.

One of the benches is dedicated to a little boy who didn’t stay very long on earth but whose memory is clearly special.

The inscription on the bench.

The inscription on the bench.

A week or two ago, I noticed the bench and little tree had been decorated. Someone remembers.

Bench in the park, decorated.

Bench in the park, decorated.

I decided to add my sunshine. So my husband and son and I went to the park this afternoon and set it in place. As we walked up to the bench, the bells from a nearby church began playing Christmas carols. I felt grateful to be here with my own son, my own little family, on a holiday that honors a son, and in this particular place of remembrance for a son.

View from the bench.

View from the bench.


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