Sunshine Project – Day 25, Library, Glenside, PA

Today I left a sunshine in the most important building to me, after my own home – the library.

Sunshine, January 14, 2015.

Sunshine, January 14, 2015.

I love to read. I’m not sure this word is strong enough for how I feel about reading – I don’t know if there is a word that can convey all that reading has meant to me. The minute I figured out how to get inside a book on my own, I never looked back. I’ve spent 50 happy years reading just about anything I can get my hands on.

So it goes without saying that I go to the library a lot. A lot. I feel at home in a library in any city in the world. I tour libraries when I travel, just the way other people look for restaurants or museums. I feel at peace in a library.

All right. Here is a little tour with a bit of sunshine – a typical trip to my local library. This one is about a mile from my house. I drive up the road and into the parking lot – the building is on my left.

From Keswick Avenue...

From Keswick Avenue…

I park in the lot and go around to the back entrance. If it were summer I’d be checking on the childrens’ garden at the side of the building.

...I park the car and walk up this sidewalk.

…I park the car and walk up this sidewalk. The garden beds are to the right of the building in this picture.

Once I’m in, I drop off my old books and take a look around for more. These days, I use the internet to order the books I want – our library is part of a county-wide system and I’m not restricted to the books in this one location. I still look over the new books and take a spin into the stacks, though.

In the mystery section...

In the mystery section…I’ll se what might be calling to me from the shelf.

I read a lot of mysteries, so I decided to put the sunshine on a shelf in this section. Look for it there along the right hand side.

...come closer, maybe the book I want is along here...

…come closer, maybe the book I want is along here…

... and closer...

… and closer.

A sunshine marks the spot.

A sunshine marks the spot.

Thank you, Glenside Library, and everyone who brings me books. Thanks to the teachers who taught me to read so long ago, to my family for always supplying me with books, and hello to everyone I’ve ever met on the pages of a book – I’ve got a world of friends I carry around with me everywhere because of books.

Glenside Library sign

If you want to know more about the Sunshine Project, look right here.


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4 responses to “Sunshine Project – Day 25, Library, Glenside, PA

  1. Sharon Mann

    Wonderful tribute to our public libraries. I cherish my library card!

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  3. This is so beautiful. It reminds me of my early love of books and reading, and my local library. I haven’t been a library member here in Italy, I don’t even know where is one near me. I don’t read Italian and not many English books are to be found even in shops. Mystery was the perfect department for your Sunshine. 🙂

    • Thank you. This is my home library (where my card is registered) and where I go most of the time and have for 25 years. It really is a home away from home for me
      – but then, in any city, I go to them, even if I can’t read the language, because – libraries are like an interconnected universal being, I think – visit any one, it is always a home!

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