Interlude – Drop-off At the Park

For about a year I’ve been taking various art items out into the world and setting them in what I hope is an auspicious place – the idea being that someone will see them and take them home. It’s similar to the Sunshine Project, but it has no specific aim, time schedule, or plan.

The rail trail at Lorimer Park, January, 2015.

The rail trail at Lorimer Park, January, 2015.

Usually I’ve dropped off some kind of figurine – either made of clay or else, more recently, I’ve been painting sticks and scrap wood. I don’t put my name on them anywhere – it’s always anonymously done.

I’ve chronicled some of these occasions in my art blog, if you are interested to look. (The best idea is to search under the term “figurine”, or maybe you could try here,  a sample post.) But from now on I think that I’ll post them in this blog.

It comes down to why I started doing this in the first place. I guess it grew out of my recovery from serious illnesses over the last two years – I felt a bit overwhelmed by the world, and my artwork really gave me something to focus on. The act of trying to make something out of raw materials seemed to help me knit together my spirits and my health. I liked the idea that I had something to give to the world, that I was needed, and that this activity was tangible. It showed results. People took the items I left out and thanked me in that way – plus, I’ve even gotten notes for me left in locations. Occasionally people catch me setting something out and it’s even become tearful at times (the other person, not me).It’s really become important to me to be doing this. And I think it seems to be important to others, too.

So, here are some women figures I made out of some scrap wood we had in the garage. I gave them names (so that I did not have to describe them as “woman in a pink dress” type of thing!”) But I guess they’ll get new names wherever they end up. Here’s how they looked when I photographed them at home.

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I left them at Lorimer Park, along the rail trail where I walk or run. Yesterday was a cold and gray day and there was still a bit of ice there, but I trudged along. I left these ladies in the abandoned rail control boxes along the route – I felt they would be sheltered there and safer from the weather, for however long they stay around.

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5 responses to “Interlude – Drop-off At the Park

  1. nannus

    These boxes in the park seem to be made esecially for this purpose 🙂

    • Yes, they are used for leaving things in all the time. Pamphlets, some people have left objects to pass along, lost gloves or hats get set in them, people have arranged flowers and now that it’s winter, piles of birdseed. The park rangers converted one of them into an information stand. The boxes had doors on them when the trail first opened but they were taken off and since then, they are an attraction along the trail.

  2. Lori

    We have always found this interesting and wondered where these items have come from.

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