Sunshine Project – Day 30, Reservoir, Fort Washington, PA

I had a vague idea of where to drop off a sunshine today, but – my husband and I were driving down the highway and I noticed a small body of water off to the right. I’ve seen it many times and thought nothing about it. But the blue sky reflected in the icy water made such a sparkly and fresh picture that I decided right there to make it my stop for today.

So, we got off  the highway. We  knew roughly where to go and we knew exactly what the water was – a local reservoir. When you live in an area for decades you do know things like that. But, I know I’d never been there and my husband said he hadn’t visited since childhood. It’s another of those places hidden in plain sight.

Loch Alsh Reservoir 1-19-15

We parked in a tiny lot. The dam was in front of us and a giant water tower stood to the left. A small park surrounded the reservoir. What a nice spot! I spotted some brand-new-looking picnic tables under a grove of trees. That is where I left the sunshine. It may be some time before someone picks it up, although we thought the park must be a popular dog-walking area for the surrounding neighborhood. It is a little cold for picnicking!

I marvel again at the capacity of the well-known to surprise me. I had no idea this little spot of peace and quiet existed, though it’s within sight of a highway. I plan to come back in warmer weather and eat lunch here. I also think it could be a great location for a plein air painting session.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, January 19, 2015.

Sunshine, January 19, 2015.

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5 responses to “Sunshine Project – Day 30, Reservoir, Fort Washington, PA

  1. Sharon Mann

    Beautiful location! Please post the plein air art you make.

  2. nannus

    Looks like this could be a nice place when the weather is warm.

  3. nannus

    This article was one of the inspirations to what I wrote today:
    Looks like this sunshine project causes you to turn a lot of other ways. 🙂

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