Sunshine Project – Day 36, Park, Ambler, PA

Snow yesterday and snow tomorrow. And yet my thoughts turned to summer, and parks, and fountains.

Bench in the snow 1-25-15

In particular I was remembering a run I’ve often done and that I’m looking forward to returning to when the weather permits. It’s a varied course starting at a local high school about 15 minutes from my house.

The route includes some neighborhood streets, a stretch through a park, a cut-through the parking lots of a condo development, a trail in a protected nature area, and back on to the high school grounds. I’ve recently learned that I can start off at the YMCA, where I go to the gym, and run from there and pick this loop up. The whole trip, excluding the extension from the Y, is about 3 miles. I do it twice or I can cut off a portion of it to make 5 miles.

Pen Ambler Park sign

Thinking about the route I remembered the park section. Though it’s short, it’s one of the places where I always need some encouragement. It’s uphill and exposed to the sun. But – there is a little fountain at the crest of the hill. I feel I’ve achieved something when I get to the plaza where it is and I see the blue water and, if the wind is blowing, get a little blast of spray to cool me. The fountain always seems to give me energy to keep going.

So today my husband and I went to the fountain and I set a sunshine on the edge of it. I had to clear a space in the snow.

Fountain Pen Ambler Park 1-25-15

The sunshine is set in that little cleared space.


This park is well-used even in the winter, as the number of footprints shows me – I see people feet and dog feet! So I think the sunshine will get some attention sooner or later.

Happy Sunshine.

Sunshine, January 25, 2015.

Sunshine, January 25, 2015.

If you want to know more about the Sunshine Project, you’re in luck – look here, or search under the category “Sunshine Project”.


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