Sunshine Project – Day 41, Library, Willow Grove, PA

Today is the last day of my Poetry Marathon.  I took the sunshine to today’s poetry-writing location, the Upper Moreland Township Library.

I got right to work.

I settled down to work in a comfortable spot.

When I first got married we lived about a mile from here – four miles from where we are now. We stayed there until our son was 4 years old and this is the library we came to. Rather, we came to the Upper Moreland Library, but the building I spent time in today wasn’t built then. Instead, the library was in the township building across the street, in the basement.

The "new" building.

The “new” library building.

The former library building.

The former library building.

That library was cozy and homey, but it was also damp and very cramped for space. This new building (I still think of it as new although it’s at least 15 years old, I believe) is airy and spacious. The sun pours in the numerous windows and it’s a calm and inviting place.

The view from the table where I was working.

The view from the table where I was working.

I set the sunshine on a shelf of poetry books. It seemed fitting for today’s activity. I had wondered if there were many books still in the library from the time I visited so often – remember, this is about 25 years ago. The answer is yes. I took a few off the shelves to look and make sure. Some things don’t change – literature and poetry and that kind of thing. And there are still a lot of books that, while older, give useful information in an attractive way – I am thinking of knitting and art books.

For some reason I was happy to see these books – made a connection back to the past for me. I don’t come to this library very often anymore, but I will change that in the future. It was a wonderful place to work and I felt right at home.

sign Upper Moreland library

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, January 30, 2015.

Sunshine, January 30, 2015.

Want to know more about the Sunshine Project? I can help you. Look here or search the category “Sunshine Project”.


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