Sunshine Project – Day 43, Cleaners, Jenkintown, PA

Today’s sunshine story is just a little one, but it’s important to me. I chose this location, the cleaners I take our clothes to, because having this kind of kind of connection with people is a very sustaining thing, and I am grateful for it.

Baederwood Cleaners 2-1-15

The ladies who work in this store are unfailingly efficient and the clothes are done very nicely. But that’s not much of the story. What has been meaningful to me is how they have taken the time to know me by name and to have more interest in me than the usual “have a nice day” and wave as I go out the door. During my health problems they always asked my husband about me when I couldn’t get to the store, and as I recovered they checked on me. They are still checking on me and tell me how happy they are that I am better each time I come.

I have realized that as time as passed, little by little, we’ve built up a history. We catch up on things each time I stop in. I have learned about their children and parents and told them about things I am doing. They did me the favor of listening to me describe my eye operation in depth. I have heard about the ups and downs of teenagers and making college decisions. Somehow our relationship has evolved into something more than just a business one. It makes all the difference to feel known in this way.

Sunshine in place on the window ledge by the door.

Sunshine in place on the window ledge by the door.

So my husband and I took the sunshine to their location. I went there on Sunday, a day that they are closed, on purpose. Because of the front of the store is all glass, there was no way to leave a sunshine undetected. I figure the chances are very good that one of the ladies will pick it up – the surrounding stores are closed today, foot traffic on the sidewalk is minimal, and the cleaners opens at 6:30 AM tomorrow, before anyone else is around.

And if not, well, the sunshine is my way of saying thanks, and having put this one out into the world, that is as far as I can direct things. It will take its message with it wherever it goes, I hope.

Happy Sunshine.

Sunshine, February 1, 2015.

Sunshine, February 1, 2015.

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