Sunshine Project – Day 46, Park, Abington, PA

Today is the midpoint of the Sunshine Project. Half the days have passed and half are left to come. That means winter is halfway over; every day gets us closer to spring and away from winter.  Or that we still have plenty of winter days ahead of us to enjoy before spring gets here. Which one is it?

I say, Let’s take the latter viewpoint. Winter is running out and there is less every day of it in which to take part in wintry activities, look at winter scenes, and enjoy what winter is. You know there are things you do only in winter and at other times of the year you may be thinking of them with anticipation. Let’s take the conscious decision that winter is running out, not dragging on, and that as a scarce commodity and getting scarcer, it’s important to make the most of it.

Woods - Lorimer 2-4-15

Strangely enough, the Sunshine Project is working very well to do this for me. I look forward to where the sunshine will go each day. I’ve been places and done things I would have otherwise skipped, thinking it too cold, rainy, or icy. It’s provided a structure around which to build a lot of pleasant thoughts and anticipations – it chases away dread and fear. I’m very grateful to the little sunshines and what they are doing for me.

OK, today’s sunshine. I had an appointment with my retina specialist today and my eye is doing very well, so well that I don’t have to go back for six months. I’m smiling. The doctor’s office is near Lorimer Park, where I walk or run when the weather permits. I wanted to make a stop there today and take a look. I knew I couldn’t walk, but it would do me good just to say hello.

Trail is icy - Lorimer 2-4-15

We parked in the lot and went over to the info board where I left a sunshine earlier in the project. It is still there. I had the idea to put today’s sunshine there with it and they could be comfortable together on the ledge. A friendly kind of situation, I thought.

I also noticed that the park closing sign in the parking lot had changed since I had last been there. It now says the park closes at 5:30 PM rather than 5:00, as it has been telling us since December. The winter progresses and the seasons move. Every day has its part and each has something to enjoy and notice. I liked thinking about that.

lorimer park sign 2-4-15

Happy sunshine (and sunshine).

Sunshine, February 4, 2015.

Sunshine, February 4, 2015.

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