Sunshine Project – Day 47, Bridge, Glenside, PA

I struggled with deciding where to set the sunshine today. It’s exactly a year ago that the ice storm hit us that left our house without power for five days in below-twenty-degree weather. We stuck it out for three days and then went to a hotel; our power would have been out longer if my husband hadn’t pleaded with an electric company worker to check why our house was out when the rest of the neighborhood was lighted and heated again.

This bridge is not the kind of structure you'd notice. Very modest and unassuming.

This bridge is not the kind of structure you’d notice. Very modest and unassuming.

The storm was so destructive that it took six months for local tree and house damage to be repaired. And for me it was the incident that, combined with my hand infection, surgery, bad reactions to medications, and general exhaustion from the previous year of illness, put me into a very bad state. It’s taken me a whole year to recover my overall health.

So at first I thought of setting the sunshine near something to do with electricity or power. And I realized that February 5 this year has nothing to do with last year’s February 5. Today, our weather is cold but sunny. I was able to go about my regular activities. My health is good. Things have moved on. Today is an ordinary day. What a good thing it is to be able to say that.

Sunshine in place.

Sunshine in place.

I decided to put the sunshine in an ordinary place. Nowhere special, just a place like any other ordinary place. I was walking along the main street in Glenside on my way to Arcadia University this afternoon. I wanted to use their library as I did last week, this time to edit some poetry. I passed this bridge in the middle of town. Seemed like a nice ordinary spot. I set it down and then looked all around me at the daily activities going on – all as it usually is.

So, a not so ordinary day after all, maybe.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 5, 2015.

Sunshine, February 5, 2015.

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