Sunshine Project – Day 50, Trail, Horsham, PA

Today’s weather was milder than in the last few days but a little cloudy and dark. My husband and I decided to try a walk on a trail we don’t go to very often, the Power Line Trail.

Named for the fact that the trail runs under a series of enormous towers stringing electric wires between them, it’s about 20 minutes from our house. I don’t go there much because on weekdays the traffic makes the trip twice as long. The trail is also very exposed; in summer it’s hot and in the winter the wind sweeps across it. It’s a good place to go in spring and fall, though, and it’s great for a good long run – the round trip is about 9 miles.

The scenery is an odd mix – open fields to one side and suburbia on the other. There are places where you could believe you were far from anyone else and then next thing you know you are looking at a row of back yards. And of course, there is the line of towers stretching off into the distance. Not to mention an electrical substation! Truly there is a lot of variety along here.

The trail is not maintained in winter. Portions were icy, so we walked alongside in the snow. I set the sunshine on the base of one of the towers and right next to the substation. It was very close to the trail and I believe someone will see it. In any case, it seemed fitting for a sunshine on the Power Line Trail to be near the power…

As we returned to the car, we took a spur of the trail that goes along trees bordering fields that in the summer are planted with corn. Now they are bare and we saw some things we hadn’t known were there when vegetation is much thicker. A birdhouse on an old tree, a pond, a fire hydrant… Travel along the trail broadened our minds a bit today, I think.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 8, 2015.

Sunshine, February 8, 2015.

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