Sunshine Project – Day 54, Tennis Courts, Wyncote, PA

This morning I was out on the road and I passed Tennis Avenue. I’ve seen this street sign many times and I don’t know why I noticed it today. Maybe because I had been telling my husband how I seem to have chosen to set the sunshines in quite a few locations to which people will return in the spring but are not frequenting right now.

So, Tennis Avenue (which by the way, is maybe 7-8 miles from home and has nothing to do with today’s sunshine location except as inspiration) brought me to thinking about tennis courts. Now, I don’t play tennis and I know little about it, but I do know a lot of people are interested in it in my neighborhood – we have several sets of courts within a mile or so of my house and they are well-used. It also fit in with my spring-location-oriented thoughts. So I decided to set a sunshine at one group of courts very close to my house, those at Thomas Williams Park.

View of the courts from the street. Hint: they are behind that nice stone structure.

View of the courts from the street. Hint: they are behind that nice stone structure.

This park is another example of a recycled location – something we have a lot of in my area. Formerly the site of a school, it became a park decades ago when the school was demolished. Now it has a play area, basketball courts, soccer/lacrosse/baseball field, and four tennis courts.

In good weather these courts are busy. Today, in dropping temperatures and snow flurries, they were deserted. I set the sunshine on a stone wall at the street side of the courts – this area was the former entrance to the school and the courts sit on the school’s former footprint. I like the look of it, somehow – the structure gives a lot of dignity to the tennis court entrance!

Looking around a bit, I see signs that tell me these courts are just waiting for better weather, and that maybe they are getting some use even in the wintertime – a left-behind container for tennis balls; the court broom hanging on the fence; the net up and ready to go. I also took a look at the water fountain, dating from school days but with a shiny new handle that tells me it gets a lot of use in hot weather. The courts are just taking a little rest right now, I think, getting ready for another season of activity.

One detail – I noticed the metal access cover for the water fountain plumbing works in the ground. I thought its design quite elegant and I was interested in the company that manufactured it. I found that this local ironworks company was in business from the 1830’s to 1969 and made all kinds of items – plumbing, architectural, and agricultural. You can find out more here or take a look at their catalog from 1907. It’s fascinating – a bit of history underfoot here at the park – the company’s work still in use even if the company itself has gone. Fits in with the story of the park, I think.

This cover is located on the ground on the concrete next to the water fountain.

This cover is located on the ground on the concrete next to the water fountain.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 12, 2015.

Sunshine, February 12, 2015.

For more Sunshine Project information, try here, or search under “Sunshine Project”.


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