Sunshine Project – Day 57, Mall, Willow Grove, PA

Today the sunshine and I were driven inside by the blustery wind (25 MPH) and cold temperatures (12 degrees or so). It was just too cold to be outside, even for people like my husband and me who enjoy being outdoors in almost any weather. So we decided to go to a local mall for a walk this morning and I planned to drop off the sunshine in the building somewhere.

I have very mixed feelings about the mall – I don’t enjoy shopping at all, and I find the mall overwhelming, sterile, and somewhat disturbing in its relentless cheerful consumerism. I understand it’s a private location devoted to selling and I appreciate it that we can walk around inside in such miserable weather – there is no other place for such a thing in winter. It’s not like better weather, when the population can mix and wander in the whole outdoors.

Still, I don’t really like being there and I come away a little saddened by the sight of so much effort put into catching my attention for things like t-shirts, shoes, and so on.

In any case, we’ve come to this mall for 30 years and of course a lot has changed over that time. I think it’s interesting that the mall was built on the site of a popular amusement park that was originally created in the 1890’s by a local trolley company to provide business for a trolley route leading to it. So commerce has been a part of this location for a long time.

I set the sunshine on the base of a pillar. We walked around the mall before the shops opened and then a little afterward. It was interesting to see store after store getting ready to open – a worker coming up to a door, key in hand, was a sight we encountered several times. We watched an employee walking around in a store window, carefully arranging handbags according to a plan drawn out on paper that she consulted – she even was wearing a special pair of socks to walk around in the display.

Sunshine in place on the pillar to the left.

Sunshine in place on the pillar to the left.

And then we saw this arrangement of mannequins and sign in another window. Looked to me as if things were 100% off, not just 75%!

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 15, 2015.

Sunshine, February 15, 2015.

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