Sunshine Project – Day 58, Building, Wyncote, PA

Today it’s just awfully cold – one degree this morning and when I wanted to take the sunshine to its location around 10 AM, eight degrees – with a cold wind as well. Still, I had an idea and I wanted to stick with it so that I could celebrate Presidents’ Day today. (February has a lot of holidays, doesn’t it?)  I’d thought about taking the sunshine to a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the city, but I couldn’t face the effort of being outside so long. Then inspiration struck, my plan became clear, and it only involved a trip of less than five minutes.

I decided to take the sunshine to Curtis Hall, which is my voting location, along with a penny (Abraham Lincoln) and a quarter (George Washington). This way the presidents would be present on their day and in a suitable location.

My husband and I drove to Curtis Hall, located in Curtis Arboretum. This site was the home of Cyrus Curtis, publisher (famous magazines including Ladies Home Journal and Saturday Evening Post). The house was demolished after his death and this building, the music room, left standing. His daughter gave the site to the township for a park and arboretum, which it is today. The Curtis Publishing building in Philadelphia is still standing and it houses the famous glass mosaic designed by Parrish and made by Tiffany, Dream Garden. This mosaic is one of my favorite sights in Philadelphia. Lastly, his daughter also founded the Curtis Institute of Music. So the Curtis family has done a lot for our area.

I am sure that not many people who use the park now, however, are thinking of this history. I think they just enjoy the beautiful scenery and quiet views.

View of Curtis Arboretum

I set the sunshine on the doorstep, along with its two companions.

I took a moment, despite the cold, to look around a bit. There are nice terraces and arbors around the building and it’s a popular site for weddings and parties. I also made a mental note to remember this location when the weather is better – it seems made for a plein air painting session or two, doesn’t it?

I also found a couple of details that interested me. One was the way the edging stones were fitted around the driveway. And the other was this sea-level marker in the area in front of the building. I can’t read it to see the number; I’ve found other sources telling me we are about 150 feet above sea level here. Something to investigate?

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 16, 2015.

Sunshine, February 16, 2015.

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