Sunshine Project – Day 60, Park, Cheltenham, PA

Today the sunshine and I visited a spot I haven’t been to lately but that I’m very familiar with and have years of memories associated with it. It’s a little trail in a small park about 10 minutes from my house.

This park is set along the banks of the Tookany Creek in the flood plain. On one side of the creek it’s a paved/gravel path; on the other side it’s an unofficial rough dirt path created by years of people working their way through the underbrush. Sometimes I run just along the paved part; sometimes I add on to the trail by going out into the streets; sometimes I make a loop incorporating the paved and rough sections. Great for days when I can’t make up my mind or just want to wander.

This park is also on a road I’ve traveled to get to many activities over the years: the art center, library, yoga class, taking my son to school… So this little park, nothing outstanding, nothing exciting, is very important to me.

I set the sunshine on the bridge, looking downstream. No reason for choosing that side, it’s just what I did.

Sunshine in place.

Sunshine in place.

Then I took some time to watch the water flowing. The creek is partially iced over and snow has fallen on it, making all kinds of patterns. I was especially interested in how the water flows under and along the edges of the ice, creating alternately dark and white patches that endlessly change. The water rushed along with a hurried, broken sound that could have easily led me into a daydream if I hadn’t noticed how cold my fingers were.

I didn’t go more than about a hundred yards from my car and yet there was so much to look at.

As I went back to my car, I happened to look up, and I noticed that I had parked under a wasp’s nest built attached to the light pole high above me. What do you think of that?

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 18, 2015.

Sunshine, February 18, 2015.

The Sunshine Project reveals itself here, or you can search under the category “Sunshine Project”.

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2 responses to “Sunshine Project – Day 60, Park, Cheltenham, PA

  1. Looking downstream is like looking forwards, it’s the natural flow way towards the ocean…

    • Yes, I like to think about how the water I saw makes its way through Philadelphia to the Delaware River and then to the Atlantic Ocean. Or else some of it diverted into the clouds to rain somewhere else…

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