Sunshine Project – Day 61, Park, Roslyn, PA

Today is very cold, eighteen degrees this morning, and with a brisk wind that is stirring the tree limbs. The snow we had the other day was very light and fluffy because it was so cold, and it’s blowing and drifting all over.

Today is a milestone for me – one year ago today I had my second hand surgery for the antibiotic-resistant infection I had been fighting for the previous year. Things went downhill after that surgery and I had a lot of complications. But one year later, my hand has, against the odds, healed. I can use it and I am in good health overall. So I was thinking about all the things I need my hands for, including my artwork. And that train of thought brought me to the idea of sculpture. I don’t know why, as I am not a sculptor! But I thought it would be nice to take the sunshine to some kind of statue.

What came to mind was this structure in a local park. It’s not exactly sculpture, but it just seemed to be what I was looking for. So I took the sunshine and we went to Roslyn Park, about ten minutes from home.

Roslyn Park sign

The area I was looking for is next to the main road, but I had to park in the adjoining neighborhood and walk through the park. I crossed a little bridge and there I was.

bridge Roslyn Park

The “bird pole” is a little section devoted to plantings and habitat for birds and was set up in 2006. I had remembered the birdhouses attached to the pole as being wooden structures, and I see from the plaque that they were. I also learned the bird at the top is named Rosie!

But the houses attached to the pole now are different. They looked like cake mold pans, painted, and attached to a wood backing. I am thinking that the original houses deteriorated and that maybe kids from the nearby school made these new ones. Doesn’t matter. There were all kinds of birds around, cheerfully chattering, and all of it happening just a few feet from a busy road.

Bird house.

Bird house.

I set the sunshine on one of the big rocks. I took a little time to listen to the birds and enjoy the sunshine. It was quite warm near the big rock – I think it radiated a little of the sun’s heat back out into the day.

Sunshine in place on the big rock to the left.

Sunshine in place on the big rock to the left.

Walking back, I noticed the way the wind had sculpted the snow into patterns and ridges.

In the summer the ballfields will be busy and the stands full of people. Right now, it was a peaceful spot just for me to enjoy.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 19, 2015.

Sunshine, February 19, 2015.

You can learn more about the Sunshine Project here or you can look up “Sunshine Project” in the category listing.


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9 responses to “Sunshine Project – Day 61, Park, Roslyn, PA

  1. nannus

    I am a bit astonished that you describe yourself as “not a sculptor”. I think the clay ladies and the lady figurines you make and the little “rooms” are sculptures. I would also regard the sunshines as (micro-)sculptures. What other category of art is fitting here? It is three dimensional stuff.

    • I guess you are right. I tend to think of sculpture as carving something, taking away to reveal the form. But it’s not limited to that, is it? I do know I like my small scale and would not like to make a big statue.

      • nannus

        Probably for a big statue you would need a different approach, different principles of composition. It is possible that your ladies or rooms would look ridiculous if scaled up while at their size they are simply nice. Your sunshines would look like UFOs 🙂 Think of putting giant sunshines in the different parks and parking places around your home. The police would be searching for you 😉

        • Yes, the scale thing is something I’ve wrestled with before. Things that look great at 2 ” are terrible bigger. Something just gets lost.

          If I did do the giant sunshine thing I might get famous, though, like Christos wrapping islands and that kind of thing. I could become a folk hero.

          • nannus

            You have to decide if you WANT to become a celebrity. I think it is not so nice to be one. Maybe you would manage the financial side of such projects since you have some banking background, but then you would spend a lot of your time as a project manager. I don’t know… Your small scale projects seem to have something in their favour, I think.

            • I never wanted attention for me. Just for what I do. Celebrity: no. Recognition for my work: yes. Seems in this world it is hard to separate the two if you get too successful in a certain way.

              • nannus

                Celebrities are a raw material to make money from. Their faces (and not only their faces) appear on the magazin covers, and many die young. It means selling your life for big money. There are some people who manage to stay in controll of it, but there are also many tragic cases. And what is the use of it?

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