Sunshine Project – Day 62, Electrical Station, Ambler, PA

Today is even colder than yesterday, just 1 degree when I woke up, and with the same sweeping wind as we’ve had the last couple of days. I had no inspiration for where to place the sunshine today. I didn’t want to spend much time outside, either. So I decided to just let an idea strike me as I went on my way.

I decided to drive home from the gym on local roads instead of the highway – I thought that would give me a good chance to see a place I’d like to stop. And it worked. On my wandering way, I went through Ambler, a town about 15 minutes from home. I drove by the commuter train station and pulled in, thinking of a spot I hadn’t visited in some time.

Believe it or not, my destination was the electrical station handling power for the commuter trains, situated at the end of the parking lot.

I’ve taken pictures of it before, some years ago, I think. I’ve always been attracted to power substations – I think the components look beautiful. This particular one is extra interesting, though, because of the heavy-duty nature of the power processed. I took some time to look around at the various parts of the station. It seems to me almost a sculpture garden (although a very dangerous one).

I set the sunshine at the gate to the enclosure. I don’t know how often anyone visits the facility. So the sunshine could be there for some time. Doesn’t matter. I appreciate the looks and the utility of this location and the sunshine says it for me.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 20, 2-15.

Sunshine, February 20, 2-15.

More about the Sunshine Project here, or you can look it up in the category listing “Sunshine Project”.

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One response to “Sunshine Project – Day 62, Electrical Station, Ambler, PA

  1. nannus

    These electrical devices, especialiy the insulators, have a special kind of beauty as well.

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