Sunshine Project – Day 68, Train Station, Penllyn, PA

Today my idea for the sunshine location just dropped out of the sky, as far as I know. I chose the commuter rail station at Penllyn for no reason other than I just happened to think of it and I knew I would be passing near it.

I’m familiar with this station, though I’ve used it only once or twice. My in-laws lived within sight of it for many years, and I’ve always liked the way it’s just tucked back off the road. It’s not a busy place and I went there in mid-morning, so it was very quiet. There is something about a train station in off hours – almost as if the whole place is taking a deep breath in between the morning and evening commuter rush. I can recommend them for being good places to sit down and take a rest yourself.

This train is heading for the city - just about to come into the station, where I saw it pick up two people.

This train is heading for the city – just about to come into the station, where I saw it pick up two people.

Penllyn is typical of dozens of commuter rail stations in the regional system. No matter where you go, you’ll see the same features repeated again and again. It makes travel easy, I think.

I set the sunshine on a bench on the outbound side. I could see the main building across the tracks. In our area, the larger building is always on the inbound side. The outbound gets a much smaller shelter and it’s usually not in use now, if it still exists, because the idea is that people commute in to the city and therefore need to wait or buy tickets, but coming out, they are on their way home.

Anyway, the main station building’s been around a while and I was interested in the fact that it had a second floor – most stations don’t. If you see one that does, it usually means someone lived in it, probably the stationmaster, back when this area was more isolated. I can imagine how things looked 75 or 100 years ago – even though this is just up the line from the nearest town, Ambler, things would have been very rural.

Main station building on the inbound side.

Main station building on the inbound side.

It looks to me as if the station is ready for some renovation. The shelter on the outbound side is in bad shape. I did enjoy looking at the patterns the peeling paint made on the roof of the platform covering.

As I walked back to the car (which I had parked in the baseball field parking lot down the street) I noticed this remnant of a stone building up against the tracks. Railroad lines seem to collect this kind of site – something that used to be doing one thing or another and now is in ruins, possibly waiting for a new purpose. I wondered what it had been in the past. And then there’s that trailer…definitely forgotten, it is. I had to laugh. I think it looks embarrassed.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, February 26, 2015.

Sunshine, February 26, 2015.

You may want to know more about the Sunshine Project – if you do, look here, or search under the category “Sunshine Project”.


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