Sunshine Project – Day 71, Baseball Fields, Penllyn, PA

This morning I saw a couple of little green shoots peeking up from the ground in my backyard – maybe some daffodils trying for an early start? It put me mind of spring flowers and I hoped to locate a spot for the sunshine with some little green shoots just like these, somewhere more out in the world.

My husband and I looked in several likely locations, but – I think I am just too early still. Nothing showing in any gardens I checked. But then I thought of another place that means spring – brought to mind by my visit to the train station just last week, in Penllyn. I mean the baseball fields, of course.

Everyone knows that once baseball training starts, spring is really coming close, and the pro ball players are in the midst of their early season work (in warmer climates, of course). Any baseball here at home is some time away, but – a trip to the ball field is still just the thing for a sunshine, I thought. So we went to Ingersoll Park in Penllyn. There are two fields there. We walked around to take a look.

I walked around the fields a little. Everyone plays baseball at some time or another as a child and the set up of things here brings back memories. I stood at home plate and on the pitcher’s mound in the second field; then we went back to the first one to find a spot for the sunshine.

I set the sunshine in one of the dugouts. It looks as if they have been refurbished to get ready for this summer.

Sunshine in the dugout (it's the white dot on the bench).

Sunshine in the dugout (it’s the white dot on the bench).

On the way out we walked by familiar ballpark sights. The concession stand waits for customers; the picnic area is all set for families and their coolers and food; the bleachers are in place for spectators; and the bike rack has plenty of space for kids who transport themselves to the fields on their bicycles.

Not too long before hitters will be swinging for the fences.

view from dugout of the field

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, March 1, 2015.

Sunshine, March 1, 2015.

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