Sunshine Project – Day 74, Bridge, Glenside, PA

In the past day or so we’ve gone from snow to sleet to rain, and that’s where we are this morning. We hear we can expect things to reverse themselves and go back to snow, a good bit of it, but today – we’re getting a pouring rain. So, I think I can say we’re having typical March weather…

Anyway, it seemed to be that today was a day in sore need of some sunshine. I decided to place a sunshine in a spot about a mile from my house. It’s an odd little place on the campus of Arcadia University – a wooded picnic grounds in the flood plain at the bottom of the hill the university is built on. I say odd, because it’s just tucked in this strip of land between a parking lot, athletic fields, and a very busy road. You wouldn’t think to find something like this here, a peaceful little place right in the middle of a lot of other people busy doing other things and structures devoted to other activities.

As a little background, Arcadia’s main building is Grey Towers Castle, built for a wealthy family about a hundred years ago. It stands at the very top of the hill, and there are other buildings, such as the stables, still in use by the college.  This little creek flows from higher up, right next to the castle.

I like this spot – in the summer it’s cool and green and in the winter, full of stark contrasts with the black trees and the white snow.

So I parked in the lot and went to the bridge. Despite the pouring rain, I enjoyed watching the water rushing under the bridge. This little area shows signs of its past with the stone walls lining the creek in some parts.

I set the sunshine on the railing. I think this could be another good spot for a plein air painting session when the weather is warmer.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, March 4, 2015.

Sunshine, March 4, 2015.

More about the Sunshine Project here, or you can search under “Sunshine Project”.


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3 responses to “Sunshine Project – Day 74, Bridge, Glenside, PA

  1. Sharon Mann

    What beautiful location, but it did need a little sunshine! 🌞

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