Sunshine Project – Day 76, Parking Lot, Glenside, PA

We have a beautiful sunny day today – very cold, 15 degrees, but the sun makes it feel warmer, and there is no wind. I decided to walk with my husband to the train station this morning, about a mile and a half away, and find a spot for the sunshine on the route.

People are starting to come out after the snow yesterday. Lots of shovels and snowblowers and little bulldozers moving snow around. Cars tentatively moving up and down hills. Pedestrians picking their ways on the sidewalks and buses roaring along the streets. That’s what we saw.

I stopped to take a picture of the main street in Glenside, Easton Road, and noticed that I was in a good spot for a sunshine placement. Now, this is not a glamorous or exciting location; very ordinary, very humdrum. I’m talking about a little parking lot here in the center of town.

Glenside stretches along Easton Road and is divided into two sections – Keswick Village, with its center about a mile north, and this area, in Cheltenham Township. But it’s all Glenside, and people who move here tend to stay here, sometimes for generations. I can see why; I feel the same way. This parking lot has a tiny area for a monument to Glenside history next to the parking kiosk – I set the sunshine on the ledge next to it.

The sunshine is a block from the train station, about a five-minute walk from the pool and the library, and about ten or 15 minutes to Arcadia University. I headed toward home, which took me south, and I passed Arcadia. I took a couple of pictures – you may recognize the location from yesterday’s post – of the gatehouse and the original gate to the estate. The college is open today and students back on campus after the snow – things are getting back to normal everywhere.

Happy Sunshine.

Sunshine, March 6, 2015.

Sunshine, March 6, 2015.

If you want more info on the Sunshine Project, look here – or search under the category “Sunshine Project”.


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