Sunshine Project – Day 80, Softball Field, Wyncote, PA

I live across the street from our local high school. It’s a great source of entertainment for me – I go to athletic events, art shows, and community events there – run on the track – take walks around the grounds. My son went to school there.

I pay a lot of attention in particular to the fields right in front of my house. These are fields for some of the girls’ sports – they are used for field hockey in the fall and lacrosse and softball in the spring. It is a sure sign of spring when the softball team starts practice.

I have a nice loop around the fields and along my street – it’s a half-mile circuit. I go out there often when I want to stretch my legs; I can just take a turn or two and see what’s going on. As winter loosens its grip I am able to get back outside and so yesterday was the first day of this year that I took this walk. I got the idea for today’s sunshine placement from that activity.

Cheltenham High School.

Cheltenham High School.

I watch softball a lot – the varsity field is so close that I can sit in my living room and watch if I want to. Usually, though, I go outside and lean on the fence. I have two spots I like, giving two different views of the field.

I decided to set the sunshine at the field. I also wanted to see how many signs of spring I could find on a one-loop trip around the fields. So off I went out of my front yard, noticing as I left some green shoots coming up under a tree.

Green shoots 3-10-15

This robin was one of four I saw out in the ball field.

The schoolchildren always make a project of sighting the first robin of spring, I remember from my son's schooldays.

The schoolchildren always make a project of sighting the first robin of spring, I remember from my son’s schooldays.

This road drain will be busy in the next few days with so much melting snow.

city no 1 inlet drain

I made my way around the fence and went toward the field. I noticed that a lot of the ground is covered with puddles and mud, not ice and snow!

mud 3-10-15

I set the sunshine on the home team bench. In only about three weeks the team should be playing its first game.

The field is very wet and muddy right now, though. There will be some work needed to get it into shape. I stood at home plate and then went out into the field.

I walked back up to the parking lot. On the way I saw these little buds on a tree.

Buds on tree CHS 3-10-15

New windows are being installed at the high school entrance. The workmen look relaxed and comfortable working in this milder weather – not like they did earlier this year when I saw them doing the roof work at the back of the school, all bundled up and stamping their feet.

new windows at CHS 3-10-15

I continued around the school to the big parking lot at the side. Here is where I received the inspiration for today’s sunshine spot – yesterday afternoon, the softball team was practicing here – this parking lot is often in use for sports or band practice when the fields are not available. But as I said, when the softball team comes out, well, it’s a sure sign that spring is just about here.

If the weather is good this afternoon I am sure the softball team will be here  for practice.

If the weather is good this afternoon I am sure the softball team will be here for practice.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, March 10, 2015.

Sunshine, March 10, 2015.

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