Sunshine Project – Epilogue

The Sunshine Project is over. Spring is here. Winter has passed. I am very grateful to have arrived at this point. I want to thank everyone who has followed along on this journey. It has made a difference to me to do this project and to know that others have supported me.

I will not go on at great length about what I gained from doing this activity. But I want to say that having a framework such as this project provided had benefits beyond what I had expected. Not only did I have to get out and participate in the world each day, something that has been hard for me since my illness, but I had to write about it, and reflect on my experiences. In this way each day had a shape and a meaning. I learned something every day; I went places I had never been before; I got a lot of ideas about things I want to do after the project – plein air painting, visits to local historic sites, writing poetry in libraries instead of holed up at home. I feel I’ve been on a pilgrimage and returned renewed and with greater knowledge. Thank you, Sunshine Project.

Happy sunshine.

Here are all the sunshines from the project in one array.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

6 responses to “Sunshine Project – Epilogue

  1. Thank you so much for all the sunshines you shared with us, it’s such a bright project!

    • You are welcome. I appreciate your faithful interest in what I was doing. I can’t say how much this project has meant to me. I really feel as if I have gone on a journey and come out with a lot more insight into things.

  2. Sharon Mann

    Hi Claudia – I’ve enjoyed following along on your Sunshine journey. There were days that I needed extra sunshine and your posts were so helpful.

  3. Martha B

    Sweet. And blessings on you and each day henceforth.

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