Bird Watching

I’ve collected some photos of birds over the last few weeks. I’m not a birdwatcher but I do notice them. I like how they go about their business with no interest in what I’m doing. And I admire how they get along in any kind of weather. They are tough, even the tiniest chickadees and the brown sparrows and the gray doves I see in my back yard.

So here they are and what I thought about them.

In the parking lot at the gym, I saw these two birds facing each other, perched on different lightposts. The crow was settled in and looking around, commenting a bit: Erk. Erk. Erk. The seagull was more restless, its head turning all around, and it made its characteristic calls that of course remind me of the beach in summer. Why this bird was in the area I don’t know, because we are dozens of miles from the sea. The crow is a more familiar sight around here, of course.

These two birds seemed fearless to me. Think about it. They don’t have many predators, I would think, and no people hunt them. The birds live lives parallel to our own and manage their own affairs just fine.

I like crows a lot. Their confidence appeals to me. Seagulls, not so much. I find their personalities to be on the verge of annoying.

The dove is sitting on a snow mound on top of one of our birdhouses in the back yard, a couple of weeks ago. It looked comfortable and at ease in the falling snow. We have many doves around here and I like to see how they fluff themselves up in the cold.

This cardinal was in a tree in Fort Washington State Park yesterday. My husband and I saw it as we were taking a walk there. Everything was quiet around us except for the call of this one bird. We could clearly hear and see it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the voice of a cardinal all alone like that before.



Happy Monday.


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