A Personality Struck Me

I can’t quite get out of the mindset of the Sunshine Project, and maybe I don’t want to. I’m talking about the increased awareness it has brought me of my surroundings, mainly. I’ve resolved to keep my camera at the ready to preserve the memories, as I did with the project. I do not have a good visual memory and so the camera will help me a lot, I think.

This morning I was about to set off on my run at a local park when an old factory building next to the parking lot caught my eye. Though I’ve noticed it before, today I felt I had to take some pictures of it.

This type of building was very common locally – I can remember touring factories of this configuration 30 years ago or so when I worked for a local bank and many customers occupied this kind of facility. I think these structures are beautiful and from inside them I always got a feeling of openness and light and plenty of space and room to move around.

I took a lot of pictures and I posted the whole group on my art blog – you can look here if you want to see them all. But at this location I want to commemorate not only this building but all the ones I remember by posting some views that made a real impression on me today. This building has a dignity and beauty and for some reason, it seemed particularly apparent to me today.

Happy Thursday.


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