Tree Flying a Kite

My husband and I stopped by Mondauk Park this afternoon to take a little walk and to check on the two sunshines that I left there over the winter.

One was set on a bench and one in the Little Library box. Both of them are gone!

The day was very windy and several people were flying kites in the park. As we watched one pink kite sail in the wind, we noticed a man running with it. Or so we thought. Turned out the kite had gotten away from him and he was running to catch it.

But – look what happened. This little tree caught hold of it and took up the game.

We watched for a while as the kite dipped and skittered in the wind. A couple of times it looked as if it had lost its lift and might take a dive to the ground, but the wind was strong and steady. When we left the park the tree was still flying the kite. The man was nowhere in sight.

What a great thing to see! Go for it, little tree and pink kite!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

4 responses to “Tree Flying a Kite

  1. linhwins

    Very cute little anecdote and recap of your day! I like how there is a little hidden message behind this day that we can all learn from. So thanks for sharing this with us! The kite was about to dip to the ground but the wind was strong and kept it up. I think there is a good symbolism here of us being the wind and the kite is our hopes. We need to stay strong to keep our hopes up! Wow, what a nice read. Thanks for the post!

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