Walk Along With Me

I made these painted stone ladies some time ago. They have spent the winter on my porch. If you want, you can see how they looked.

Now, with spring here and the opening of the new section of the Pennypack rail trail, it seemed that it was time for them to take on their new lives somewhere else, as these stone ladies do. You know I’ve set them in all kinds of places. It seemed that it was fitting for some to go along the new trail.

Our son was visiting my husband and me. So all three of us went along on this walk with the ladies on a beautiful day. What a pleasant experience we had.

We started at the Bryn Athyn post office.

The next lady went comfortably into an abandoned control box.

Next, we climbed a steep rock outcrop beside the trail to find a place for the next lady.

This lady is also on an outcrop of rock but is set right next to the trail.

The last lady was set on the middle of the three bridges connecting both sides of the creek. We crossed this bridge ourselves and walked on the trail on the other side for a while.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

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