Good Deed. Thank You.

It’s a small thing, but then, maybe not. It seems important to me that I mention this incident.

I was running along the new section of the Pennypack rail trail this morning. There are parts of it still awaiting their final covering of gravel. So I had some very muddy parts to navigate, with this one in particular looking just impossible to cross. Not only was the trail one big deep mud bog, and for a good distance, but the area extended into the brush and the footing was not good enough to skirt the mess. I thought I’d have to just go through it and my poor sneakers, well, they would take a trip through the wash when I got home.

But an unknown person did me and all the rest of us trail-users a favor. It was a simple thing – lay a couple of boards along the side of the mud hole. But it took some doing. They looked like clapboards and they weren’t local – meaning just lying around within a few feet of the trail. Somebody went to trouble to help us all out.

I’m certainly thankful for what they did. It made me feel cared for. Sometimes it’s easy to think the world is a harsh place and everyone is looking out for himself or herself and no one else. This little gesture reminds me that often things are otherwise, in all kinds of small ways that add up.

Made me smile!


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