People Watching

My son visited us for Easter weekend and we did a lot of things that we find amusing and interesting, although I am sure to many others the activities might not appeal. Doesn’t matter, we know what we like! We spent some time in a local thrift shop. You think of a thrift shop and you think of a small, cluttered place, dimly lit, maybe. Not the one we went to – it’s huge, well laid out, and the place is always busy and always has new things to see.

I didn’t need to buy anything and we didn’t. We just looked around on this trip.

My attention was caught, as it often has been, by the shelves of knickknacks in the back. So many little figurines and I have no idea who wanted to make them, who bought them the first time, and who will re-buy them. I’m not much of a knickknack person. What I see on these shelves is a whole population, a crowd of “people”, on their way somewhere. Sort of like the crowds at a large train station. Any kind of person can be found if you look hard enough – it’s an intriguing assortment of people who might otherwise never come together. And I think there are some very interesting lives being lived out, right here on these shelves.

That’s exactly how I feel about these shelves of figurines. I took some pictures of the crowd and I’ll tell you my thoughts. See what you think.


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7 responses to “People Watching

  1. Reblogged this on Claudia McGill Museum and commented:

    Special correspondent Claudia McGill writes this enchanting piece about a bit of Americana – figurines. “Little characters such as these can be found everywhere, in every home. What they say about society is often very incisive.”

    Read her article and see what you think. The Museum was intrigued by this viewpoint on another sort of cast-off object.

  2. Last pic: I don’t know but I remember something like it while growing up. Can’t ask my mother any longer. Pic 7: she isn’t peeking, she’s looking out for the boy’s brother who pinched her and made her jump the last time she was earnestly praying.

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