A Clean Start

Do you remember the Sunshine Project, Day 56? Of course not, and I’m not surprising you with a quiz. The reason I bring it up is that my husband and I visited the same site yesterday for a different purpose.

First of all, the location is that of a local florist. I’ve gotten flowers from here as gifts and I have bought them for others, too. Our family also has purchased flowers to plant in our yard from this shop for many years. It’s a local landmark and I love to see what displays they have set up for the current season.

But the reason I came here was to visit the Little Free Library located on the side of the building. I left a sunshine here on Day 56 – it’s gone now, as I expected. That’s great.

Little Free Library, Penny's Florist.

Little Free Library, Penny’s Florist.

This time I brought some books to add to the library. I’ve been doing some cleaning out. Many things in my life have changed and I have realized that my home and mental spaces both needed some clutter reduction. It’s been a good experience for me. And I hope that these books will go on to find new readers.

I have put a bag of books in my car. I plan to leave them at this location and at another one in Mondauk Park over the next couple of weeks, as I pass by.

And doing so will give me a reason to take the time to enjoy the flowers and the colorful, cheerful atmosphere of this place.

Flowers! Outside!

Flowers! Outside!

Happy Spring!


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