Lightning Flash Service Guy

A few days ago I found myself stopped behind this truck at a traffic light. I just loved the truck. It had enough information on it to keep me happy through several lights, I think, with its lists of all the business services, phone numbers, slogans, and even an endorsement “Best of” from a local newspaper.

It was a van for a heating and electrical business. I drove behind it for some miles. It was moving rather slowly and I think its shocks were not in great shape or it was heavily loaded. I could see the driver’s face in his mirror and he was not on the phone nor was he extremely old. So I think the truck was just kind of tired. Obviously there is a great need for electrical and heating repairs and this truck is out there doing its part.

Waiting at the light I noticed the lightning flash guy. I had to take a picture. I thought the idea was clever, given the truck’s business; I liked the execution of the little guy’s image; and I liked the irony of advertised speed vs. reality – a tired truck and a cautious driver. I came away thinking that I would consider hiring these guys just on the basis of the truck.

Lightening flash service guy on truck rear 4-2-15 small


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