Hello, Glad to Meet You

I admit to seeing personalities in all kinds of objects. I will not say inanimate objects, because, well, I am not always sure about that.

If you think I am getting a little too far out here, think about the last time you couldn’t find your keys, and I am pretty sure you were angry at them and felt they hid from you or otherwise concealed themselves.

I think I have made my point?

Here are a couple of personalities I’ve recently become aware of. I’ll start with this train signal tower, now disused, in Lorimer Park on the rail trail.

And how about this tree? It’s in the Pennypack Wilderness next to the creek.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

One response to “Hello, Glad to Meet You

  1. Sharon Mann

    Haha, these are fantastic. I see some creativity coming in your artwork.

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