Electricity Lesson

I have become interested in electric wire poles. I don’t know why. I spent some time examining these at the rail trail in Lorimer Park. Electrical lines often follow train lines around here – it’s a good way to use the right-of-way and cross the countryside, in the past even more than now, when there weren’t so many roads to place them along. This trail is a former train line and two sets of poles running along it – the modern very tall ones, and the disused shorter ones. Wires are strung only between the new ones – the old ones are just standing in a line as they have for decades but are now not connected to each other.

The old ones are covered by vines in the summer and it’s hard to see their shapes then. I had no idea there was a birdhouse nailed to this pole under all those vines, until this year.

Birdhouse on old pole covered in vines 4-15-15 Lorimer small

Some of the old poles still have their resistors in place.

Old style resistors Lorimer 4-15-15 small

Here is the modern version.

Resistors - power line modern Lorimer 4-15-15 small

I am intrigued by the fact that each working pole has an ID number and gets a little plate to wear, stating it. I have also noticed some poles have extra badges. I am thinking these must relate to passing an inspection or that kind of thing. Some poles have earned quite a collection of them. I can’t help thinking they must be proud of themselves?


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