Almost Unchanging

Here I complete my examination of this intersection near my house (see “Practicalities” and “Forgotten and Probably Happy About It?”.)

Montgomery's auto repair #1 5-9-15 small

This auto repair shop occupies a triangle of land at the intersection and has been there as a gas station or garage since the 1950’s, I’d say. The light pole mentioned in the earlier post is set off the to left in the pictures, out of sight. The car lot/garage with the orange drain pipe is across the street.

I like the whole look of the place. It’s utilitarian and with no pretensions. It’s been doing its work in this spot as things changed around it. For instance, it used to be across the street from a factory. Now, that plot is the site of a fitness center and two office-buildings in process – the factory was torn down to make room.

This intersection is not picturesque or even notable, but to me, it’s very interesting. The passage of time is made tangible. Relics of the past still in use. Remnants and additions.

I think the garage has looked pretty much the same since I’ve lived in the neighborhood, more than 20 years. Here’s to knowing who you are and minding your own business!


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