Figurine and Books

A couple of days ago I was at Lorimer Park and noticed that there is now a Little Free Library set along the Pennypack Trail. What a nice surprise. It’s right off the parking lot and next to the chief ranger’s house.

I happened to see the chief ranger a little bit later on and he told me that the LFL was a Mother’s Day gift for his wife.

I have talked to this lady as she worked in the beautiful flower gardens she has created along the beginning of the trail. They are a marvel to look at and over the few years the trail has been open they have grown to stretch a good distance – it takes a couple of minutes to walk past them. This time of year they are full of irises and I see a few foxgloves blooming as well.

So the LFL is a tribute to her and her love of flowers and books. I think it’s great.

I left a figurine there today. My husband and I were there for a walk and I wanted to say thank you for the LFL and the gardens. I also set a couple of books in the LFL, because I am sure I will be taking some from this location as time goes on.


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