going to see

I had the first of my two cataract surgeries two days ago. The topics of seeing and eyesight and what’s out there to look at are on my mind these days because of my eye problems over the last year and the treatments I’ve been undergoing. I am progressing well with this cataract removal and look forward to getting the second eye done in two weeks.

I have been severely nearsighted all my life. It is a part of my identity. The idea of this no longer being true (in practice) has been something I’ve had some uncertainty about. Being able to see well all the time will change the way I manage my days. And yet, I’m still severely near-sighted – my eye shape has not changed. I just have my glasses in my eyes now.

I feel a little confused about it. Near-sighted? Or normally sighted? Both at once. My new way of seeing things.

going to see

going to see


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6 responses to “going to see

  1. nannus

    Going to sea?

  2. Hope everything goes well with your second surgery! There’s nothing like being able to see well all the time without glasses.
    You’re so right about the way we see changing the way we manage our days. I’m experiencing the opposite, that is, I’ve always seen well and now not anymore – and it can be really troubling in everyday tasks!

    • Yes, I don’t mean to complain. I am so grateful to have my vision improved, especially since otherwise I would be very impaired at this point, not just nearsighted. it’s just such a change, mentally, that I had not expected to feel. I guess nothing happens in life that does not prompt some reflection and adjustment! I hope your eyes are not undergoing some problem beyond the usual ones , like needing reading glasses or that kind of thing?

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