Cultural Moments

I was walking along the Pennypack Trail yesterday in Lorimer Park. Very slowly. I still need to careful of my healing broken foot and I am a bit cross-eyed right now – one eye has had its cataract repaired and vision “updated” and the other is still as it was. Nonetheless I was out there and making progress along the trail. It was great to be outside!

I left a figurine in one of the abandoned rail control boxes. You may wonder what the sticks are all about. I set some there a few days ago – I didn’t have any figurine along with me that day and I just didn’t like the empty space in the box. Since then others have added to the population. So, when I set the figurine in place, well, she was not alone.

I walked a short bit further, to the underpass. You might remember some photos I’ve taken here before – it’s the site of a wild and colorful graffiti exhibit, a relic of the time when before the trail was created and people hung around out here along the overgrown abandoned tracks. I love this underpass art and I like the look of it with vines draped over it.

Underpass and Vine Lorimer 6-15 small

Well, that’s it for today’s cultural moments!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

2 responses to “Cultural Moments

  1. Your figurine and the sticks in that box are so cool!

    • I have been leaving these figurines around for maybe a year or so – lots of them in this very location, a park where I walk or run. There is something about these boxes that just needs to have something put in them…

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