In Which I Connect With My Inner Silhouette

A few days ago I was about to start on a run/walk along the Green Ribbon Trail. As always, I stopped in at the bathroom by the parking lot. Just in case, right? This little building proclaims its identity from afar, that’s for sure. Those figure signs are visible from quite a distance.

Bathroom Flourtown 8-15 small

I’d never noticed how many signs there are on the ladies’ room door, but once again, you can’t make a mistake about what this door leads to, can you?

Ladies room sign 8-15 small

But the reason I’m even mentioning all of this is, I took a close look at the woman figure on the sign to the left. A very stylish lady, I thought, and so much more interesting than those blocky stolid ones that are the standard.

As I walked back across the lot toward the trail’s start, my attention was caught by the image of my shadow on the asphalt. I do love shadows and having just examined that lady silhouette, I was struck by how my shadow seemed to have some kinship with her. Even the color scheme is similar, though reversed. So I took my own picture a few times – I especially like the way my hat looks!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

3 responses to “In Which I Connect With My Inner Silhouette

  1. Hi Claudia, could I share one of these on ‘strata of the self’, please?
    Not sure when though, I’m having a short break.

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