It’s a Cow Kind of Day

I walking in Lorimer Park this morning. One of the trails runs along the boundary fence of the Fox Chase Farm, a teaching farm. Now remember, in this park we are in the middle of a highly-populated area – suburbs on the one side and densely-packed city on the other. This farm is an oasis of calm in the middle of it all.

Today the cows were in the fields near the trail. I stopped to lean on the fence and watch them. I am not sure why I find cows and their doings so fascinating, but I do – I’ve stopped along this same area often to take a look at this herd of cows.

Today the cows were on the move, going along at a pretty good pace from one grazing area to another. One eager achiever cow led the way…

cows 1 Lorimer 8-21-15 small

…most of them stayed together in a group, and one straggled behind.

cows 3 Lorimer 8-21-15 small

In fact this last cow went in the opposite direction to the water or the salt lick, I couldn’t quite see it, before heading back to join the others.

Lone cow Lorimer 8-21-15 small

A whole society in action. Maybe that is why I find this group so interesting to observe.

And here is a photo of the fields in different section. I’ve taken shots from this location before, but I never get tired of the view.

Lorimer 8-21-15 #1 small


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2 responses to “It’s a Cow Kind of Day

  1. It’s a lovely view!

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