No Parking and I Mean It

I was running along the Green Ribbon Trail a few days ago and happened to notice this – admonishment – from within the greenery.

No parking sign in place 8-13-15 small

In case it is hard to see, well, here’s a close up…

No parking sign #2 8-13-15 small

Keep in mind that this sign is in the trees along the creek, beside a trail that does not allow motor vehicles.

Green Ribbon trail 8-13-15 small

I was confounded until the solution hit me – the sign had been brought to this place with the floodwaters that often sweep over this area from the nearby creek. The trail is located in the floodplain! This poor sign has probably been on the move for a while (look at its condition) and is currently tangled up here. Wonder how long it will stay?

I found the whole thing pretty funny and I just had to pass it on – before it’s not there anymore!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

2 responses to “No Parking and I Mean It

  1. Vira

    hah! What a find! I’ve volunteered for creek/trail cleanup before and it’s amazing the stuff we haul out.

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