Try to Keep Up

Sometimes things go a little – strange – in the process of art drop-offs. This little tale will illustrate that point nicely, I think. Pay attention, it’s complicated. I’m even a little confused myself, maybe.

It all started about ten days ago. I left a stick lady on a bench along the Green Ribbon Trail, and she was gone in thirty minutes. (You can read about it here.)

The lady.

The lady.

Yesterday, I was on the trail again and I left another lady on a post in the middle of the path.

Today, I went back to the Green Ribbon and I meant to set out two clay figurines. I started off with the two in my little green beltpack, along with the camera and car keys and so on. I left the first one along the trail on this stump.

Next, I passed the location where I left yesterday’s stick lady. To my surprise, she was there, and joined by another object. I stopped and looked it over. The lady from ten days ago was there with this note wrapped around her:

Note 9-4-15 small

My goodness. This has never happened before! I decided to take her with me, and jammed her in the pack. I’d find a new spot for her. But next, I left the second clay figurine on this bench:

I then went up to Bird Hill, where the bird stand is – a popular place to view the hawks. Someone is always there with binoculars, scanning the skies. I left the retrieved stick lady in the pamphlet box at the bird stand. No bird watchers noticed a thing – they were all looking up.

Then I started back toward the car. As I passed the stick lady from yesterday, I decided she looked a little vulnerable perched on the post, so I grabbed her up and then set her on this concrete wall. It’s the upper portion of a disused rail underpass – this section of the trail used to be a rail line (if you’re interested in it, take a look here  and here – my husband and I explored it back in the winter when the landscape was more open).

I finished out my exercise and went back to the car. All done!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

4 responses to “Try to Keep Up

  1. What a fun way to get some exercise and make the world a better place.

    • It is motivating for exercise, that is certain, because I go back and check and see what is going on with the figurine or whatever and if it is gone!

      • I’m getting some ideas for art that I can abandon, with abandon. First I have an auto tour and the holiday store to get ready for. Can you believe that I have to do this in September? But I have finally learned (perhaps) that I need to look at the year as a whole and pace myself over the whole thing and leave time for the surprises. So that reminds me, I better get back to work!

        • Yes, I totally understand about pacing, and about preparing and allowing plenty of time. For me if I do so I handle things much better. Art giveways have become a priority with me and now I have given them a place in the work schedule. Took me some time to see how important it was to me and not to think of it as a sideline. Things evolve!

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