What the Future Holds, Sometimes We Find Out

About three weeks ago I posted pictures of stick ladies on my art blog. I usually put their “portraits” on that page and then recount their adventures here. Once they leave the studio, they become beings with their own destinies, I guess, and that is what this blog is about.

Anyway, this particular group brought up some ideas from people who saw them. I was sent a great picture by a blog friend in Scotland of stick people a friend made at the beach. There was something about that little crowd that really appealed. Soon as I figure out what I did with that picture, I’ll post it, because they were hilarious in their befuddled dignity, standing in a row in the sand.

I also got a comment from another blog friend about a relationship she saw between the middle two in this picture. Keep in mind, I just line them up and take the pictures – what effect they have on the world is up to them and to their viewers. I love it when those viewers take things further.

I decided to send these two ladies to Alice, as she is known in blog world, and I did so without telling her. They arrived safely and I think they have found a great home. You know, I don’t really ever know what happens to any of my artworks after I sell them or give them away, and that’s fine. I make them because I want to make them and then things happen as they will. But it’s great when I can see that my work has made a difference. Even if it is just a couple of painted sticks, well, who can tell where things will go with that? What a great thing to remember.

Thanks, Alice! and here’s how you can see what the stick ladies did upon arriving in their new lives…


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

2 responses to “What the Future Holds, Sometimes We Find Out

  1. I love these! 😀 They are so beautiful! 😀

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