Garden and Garden Spirit

Our yard is large, long and narrow. Our house sits up at the front of it, very close to the street. The back yard is by far the bigger share of the acreage and it seems even larger because it backs up to a creek and a wooded slope beyond that. We have plenty of wildlife passing through, deer, foxes, groundhogs, and lots of birds.

We have a small garden about halfway back, fenced in so that the deer don’t eat up whatever we put in there. The idea was to grow vegetables, but that fell by the wayside a couple of years ago. Then we planted flowers, mostly sunflowers and zinnias.

garden 1 9-15 small

With my health issues over the past three years I have lost the habit of gardening – I don’t even mow the grass anymore but pay someone to do it. I’ve lost interest in this garden, too. My husband planted it this year. I don’t go in it anymore because with all the flowers there are many bees, and a wasp colony has taken up residence near by (I know because I was stung earlier this summer and my hand swelled up in a frightening way for a week).

Next year this will change. I’m mulling over ways to enjoy the garden – maybe move it so I can see it from the house, away from the wasps. Because I do love the flowers – and I like the idea of how good it all is for the birds and insects and for a happy feeling for us all. It will be a good winter project, I think, the planning and the anticipating.

Anyway, I took some pictures the other day of the glorious tangle of flowers and vines. Thank you to my husband for doing this for me.

garden 3 9-15 small

I noticed in this picture that my shadow seems to be doing a sun salutation or maybe I’m imitating the sun by forming a circle with my arms? No, I have raised the camera so as to see over the fence – but my shadow doesn’t know that, does it?

Happy garden.

Claudia's shadow in flowers 9-15 small


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A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

2 responses to “Garden and Garden Spirit

  1. Cut zinnias look lovely on the table.

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