Scattered Across the State

My son got married this past weekend. I am still so excited about the whole event. What a wonderful time for our family. Now I’m a mother-in-law, and I’m hoping to do a really good job. My husband and I have a great daughter-in-law and my son is so happy. Fantastic!

The wedding was held in Pittsburgh, across the state from where we live in Philadelphia. The trip takes us almost the whole length of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. So, my husband and I decided to leave some souvenirs of our passing along the way to Pittsburgh.

The turnpike is a limited access road; there are rest stops along the way. They’ve been rebuilt in the past 10 or so years and they all look alike, you’ll notice. So did the old ones, but they were cramped and out of date (the turnpike has been around since the 1950’s). I particularly like the signage – the state of Pennsylvania is represented with the road stretching across it. The red star is the current location. We were traveling from east to west, or from right to left. Notice the red star moving along with us…

First stop, Lawn.

Next, Blue Mountain.

North Somerset.

We stop a lot on driving trips, as you can see. It’s only a five-hour drive, but…I like to get out of the car, and we needed to eat lunch, and so on and so on!

In Pittsburgh we went to Schenley Park. We ran one day and took a walk the afternoon after the wedding on Saturday. We left several figurines scattered around – here’s a representative one.

Now we have left good wishes for the newlyweds all over the whole state!


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6 responses to “Scattered Across the State

  1. Lovely! Wedding and figurines both!

    • We had a lot of fun dropping the little guys along the way. I’m sorry we couldn’t revisit the spots and see if they were gone, on the way home, but the highway doesn’t work that way. And the wedding went just great, everyone so happy!

  2. How wonderful. What a thrill to find one of these during a rest-stop on a tiring journey!

    • I hope so. I wished we could revisit the spots on the way home and see what happened – usually these figurines get picked up pretty fast and I would think with the traffic through the rest stops that would be the case. But the highway doesn’t permit crossing to the other side to the rest stops over there – it will remain a mystery, and that’s always good, too.

  3. You are super-awesome in your creativity and random acts of kindness. I absolutely adore your sculptures. I feel tempted to stalk you on your next journey just so I can get my mitts on one. Do you leave them with any kind of label? Do you instruct people that they are free to take the figurine home with them? I think if I stumbled upon something I would probably leave it be assuming that someone had left it by accident and would return for it. I would be sorely tempted to take it though even on that basis.

    • Hi, I’ve come to a point in my life where it is important to me to be able to give out, and art is what I have to give. I enjoy thinking about what people will think when they see or take one of the objects. The women figurines are hollow inside and have a note stuck into the space underneath the dresses saying to take them. The creatures, the stick ladies, the painted stones – I just leave them around. I try to put them where it is obvious that it’s meant to take them, that they are not forgotten there but placed on purpose. Seems to work, they usually go in a couple of days, the ones that I keep up with, that is. I’m hoping to expand this art process, still thinking about how to go about it, stay tuned!

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