Pittsburgh Sights #1

As you know, I attended my son’s wedding in Pittsburgh a week or so ago. While there, my husband and I went sightseeing. We’ve been to the city several times before, so we’ve done the tourist rounds and we have a little familiarity with things. This time we were occupied with wedding events and so our sightseeing was more fragmented.

By now you know that when I go places I don’t see the same sights most people do – museums, shopping, etc. Though I visit them, of course, my preferred activity is just wandering around. I find all kinds of things interesting and I find them in plenitude just walking down the street. It’s a good trait to have – I never get bored, do I?

So my travel photos tend to involved different views than many other people take. I’m going to prove it with the next few posts – my trip to Pittsburgh, a very interesting city.

I’ll start with buses.

I love the buses in this city. They are painted all kinds of colors, and there are a lot of them. I can’t tell you how interesting it makes the streets to see all these big colorful creatures roaring around. I’ve written about them before – they got my attention right away when I visited my son, who was living here at the time, in 2013.

Here’s the current group of photos, and I want to say I think buses are a Pittsburgh monument.


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4 responses to “Pittsburgh Sights #1

  1. I have been reading about your adventures and want to first say congratulations to your son. I have no doubt you will be a wonderful mother in law. I am a people watcher and I love architectural details of buildings. I do love your little ceramic beings you have been leaving!

    • Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement as to my mother-in-law skills! I also like observing people and what goes on around me and leaving art things around is the perfect reason to go places and see things.

  2. Oh, I really like the coloured buses. They have an interesting shape too.

    • I have a real fascination with them – each time I’ve been to PGH I’ve taken pictures, running out in front of a (stopped) one to get a front view, etc. I don’t know why. I just love them.

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