Pittsburgh Sights #2

Today’s Pittsburgh sightseeing theme is “under”.

Let me remind you – I was in the city in late September for my son’s wedding. My husband and I went around doing our version of sightseeing. We collected some interesting experiences and views.

So, back to “under”. First of all, if you know Pittsburgh, you know it’s really hilly, and it is laid out between two rivers that join to make a third. So there are a lot of geographic constraints on the city’s buildings and road system. In particular, there are a lot of ravines and very steep hills, plus the rivers – so there are lots and lots of bridges and some tunnels. This one is the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. I’m not fond of going underground like this, but – you want to drive around in Pittsburgh, you’ve got to do it. More than once.

Squirrel Hill Tunnel

Squirrel Hill Tunnel

Here’s another tunnel, very different. It’s actually a pedestrian walk going underneath the Convention Center – it allows you to travel a city block slanting gradually downhill and crossing under a major road to emerge on a river esplanade. Water flows over the side walls into a series of stepped pools. We walked there at night and in the daytime. It is lighted so that the waterfalls change color – and as you move lower, the waterfalls grow from knee-high to way over your head. The sound of the water changes as the waterfalls increase in size, too. A total experience, very beautiful.

One more “under” – my husband and I went to Schenley Park, near Pitt, in the Oakland area. We walked/ran along a wooded trail. In one place it went under a road bridge. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. They give you an idea of how deep and wide the folds in the earth are in this city.


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4 responses to “Pittsburgh Sights #2

  1. How interesting. I really love the idea of that waterfall underpass. Your photos of it are lovely.

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