Recent Art Drop Offs

I haven’t been taking photos of all the items I’ve left around lately – got distracted. But here are some recent locations, and I plan to try to be more careful to remember to take photos in the future…

These locations are all places that I walk/run. I feel lucky to have so many great trails near my house.


This little guy is on the Green Ribbon Trail in Fort Washington State Park, set on a stump near this wonderfully bright bush.

Figurine 10-9-15 Green Ribbon small

A couple were set along the Power Line Trail, Horsham, PA.

Then we made a trip to Tyler State Park, Newtown, PA. One settled on a bench by the creek and I put another one on a stump next to a tee on the disc golf course.

Finally, back at Fort Washington State Park, near the bird stand, I put out these figures.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

3 responses to “Recent Art Drop Offs

  1. I love all of these characters.

  2. Your figurines are all so completely charming. I am sure the people who find them feel as though they have stumbled upon treasure.

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